Thursday, August 20, 2009

Welcome...the news is out!

Welcome to Baby G's blog, for all of you new comers. :)  Yes, Keith and I finally made it official, and have told our friends and family.  Ok, so it is via the all too convenient Facebook, but hey it is 2009.  

Keith and I just want to say 'Thank You' for all of the well wishes and enthusiastic responses that we have received.  I am looking forward to some 'much needed' advice from the experienced parents out their.  Additionally, I hope to also be a 'learning curve' for those of you that are yet to go through this.  

While everyone has told me how quickly this experience goes by, up to this point it has been pain stakingly slow.  While June does feel somewhat like yesterday, all of the 'in between' has been a snails pace.  I am sure once the baby starts making it's appearance to the outside world (in the form of a preggo belly), and starts moving around....I am guessimg the whole experience will start to get more real.  Also, I am guessimg at that point, we will loose all control of time!  Not to mention, Baby G will in their ultimate 'final weeks/months' during the holidays, so I am anticipating my mind will be cutting quickly from October to February at lightening speed.

Anyway, thanks for reading and sharing in this journey with us.  We welcome you all into our life and experience, and look forward to future with our lil' one!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations guys!!! (also, as a techy geek... I LOVE LOVE LOVE you blogging and I think it is a PREFECT way to keep people like me upto date and not have to repeat the same story over and over! If I ever get pregnant I am SO stealing this idea.) :D