Monday, August 3, 2009

Keith's Reveal

I found out around 7am on Friday, June 12th.  I had my suspicions (hence why I purchased a pregnancy test).  It was after a week of travel in Louisiana and a VERY crazy time.  I found the faintest little pink line staring back at me.  The craziest thing was that it appeared to be 'so far to the left' of where I thought it was supposed to be.  I thought to myself 'this can't be right!'... a few google image searches later, and I realized that line was right where it was supposed to be!

Whoa...suddenly it was getting very real!  I immediately woke Keith up for him to stumble out of bed.  It was very 'undramatic'.  I simply told him that we might be pregnant.  It was so 'unexciting', but I couldn't stand the idea of him not knowing before anyone else...not to mention I couldn't keep the secret. I did say that it wasn't 'official', until my doctors appt. (this provided me an opportunity to do something more exciting later).  

Sure enough, I went to the doctor about a week later to have everything 'officially confirmed'.  That afternoon I went out and purchased some baby water toys, a onesie that says "I Love Daddy', and some 'Happy Father's Day' cards.  

That evening as we were walking out the door for dinner, I surprised him at the door with the cards and gift.  It actually turned into something of a mess.  I was so nervous that I was practically throwing stuff at Keith.  He was taken off guard, but was very excited.  We spent the rest of our evening 'taking it all in' and discussing the future.

(While the reveal was something of a mess, we have enjoyed looking back and laughing about it all).

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