Monday, December 27, 2010

Eli's 1st Christmas!

Well, Eli has experienced his first Christmas and it went wonderful! We woke up at 5:30...yes, ugh, way earlier than normal (I guess we have to get used to this for many more Christmases to come). Keith, Eli, and I all had a small family Christmas celebration first thing in the morning with a nice breakfast and presents. We opened gifts and played with toys, and then put Eli down for a nap. Eli got a nice wooden block toy (that he has already been playing with...way to go mom and dad!). He also got some other toys, clothes, and cars. Everything seemed to be quite the hit!

After our little celebration, the Granddads and Uncle Matt came over for more celebrating...and more breakfast! Yes, this time, I made an even BIGGER breakfast for all of the men. After that...more presents. Eli got a really cute Home Depot smock from my dad, which Keith can't wait to put him in. And from Keith's dad he got a totally awesome Radio Flyer wagon.

So, after that celebration...and yes, another nap, we set off to my moms, where we ate another breakfast! Gotcha...ok, finally the breakfasts came to a halt and we moved onto lunch (which was delish). We hung out with my mom and brother who got Eli some really cool stuff, and my mom even made Eli's stocking! She made my brothers and mine when we were little and we still have them/use them today. My mom also got Eli this precious chair with his name embroidered on it!?! Isn't it amazing? Believe it or not...Eli LOVES it. He will totally just sit in the chair and hang out. But, his favorite thing to do, is to treat it like a jungle gym and climb all over it.
After my mom's house we headed home, where Eli's first Christmas had come to an end. Eli logged two breakfasts, one lunch, three naps, three celebrations, lots of presents, and unconditional love from everyone one in the family that he encountered!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa is coming to town...more like we are trying to find him...

In preparation for Santa's big day in town, we thought that he and Eli should meet beforehand. I wanted Eli to have a chance to tell him what he wanted for Christmas. So, this is a chronicle of our attempts and some pictures. And, as I have been typing this, I discovered a small little miracle. Anyone that knows Eli knows that he has never done well with the car. Well, he is fine in the car now, but still isn't a baby that goes to sleep in the car, EVER. However, in a small little Christmas miracle, our Santa attempts have caused Eli to pass out on the end of our precious, had to take pictures!

So, our first attempt to meet Santa was a week ago, to Willow Bend Mall in Plano. This is where Eli met the Easter bunny for the first time. So, why not give it a was easy then. Um, yeah...'no'! I guess it was easy, because I went during the work week when all of the other parents were working. Keith and I entered the mall to see this......
(this happened to be on the Family Guy episode the night of our first encounter).
Ok, so no Santa shot, but we were able to snag these cute pics with Keith and I near some of the holiday decorations around the workshop.Pass out #1.

So, attempt number two. I took Eli up to the Villages in Allen after work one day. I got there around 5:15 or 5:30 to run into a 3 hour wait and already have the line shut down..yeah, um..I don't think so.
Yes, this was the line from where I stood, in addition to the virtual que that was already 3 hours long.
So, Eli and I went shopping instead! But, couldn't resist taking a picture of his cute outfit. See his cute argyle sweater and little black dress shoes!?! He looked just like Daddy!
Pass out #2

Finally, today...we have lift off! Keith and I went back to Villages in Allen after signing up for the virtual que. It was awesome! I got constant text updates on our progress in the line, while Eli napped at the house, heck yes. We got ready with 'Santa outfit #3' and Keith decided on the hair do, very cute. We arrived right in time to stand in the actual line for only a few minutes. Santa was really sweet and mentioned that we might want to 'back Eli into the picture' instead of facing him forward. I guess babies and get a little scared. But, Eli did great! He posed so sweetly for the pictures and even smiled in a ton of them. :) So, here is what we got...
So sweet! Santa gave Eli a kiss!
And pass out #3, success!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Ok, I get comes in waves, but I feel like I just got hit by a tsunami. Our kids grow up WAY WAY too fast! You may have remembered me chatting a few posts back about all of my friends having babies...(heck, who's friends aren't, right!?!). Anyway, starting in November a bunch of babies have been born, and are going to continue to come through July 2011.

With all of these new little babies entering into the world it is also natural for me to start going back and looking through Eli's hospital and newborn photos. It is mind boggeling to really do the math on it all. 'Yes' 10 months is a long time in 'baby time', however...when you realize that just 10 months ago Eli was only 3 days old and brand new to the world is crazy! Even crazier? This time last year, literally...I was pregnant and sporting a nice lil' baby bump, while Eli still had two more months of cooking.

Sorry, I know that I am not even making since right now, but I just feel like it all needs to be said. I can vividly remember our experiences in the delivery room, the hospital, our trip home, the first few weeks, first few months, ect..ect. It is hard not to feel a little sad about it all, but so so happy, on the other hand. I can't wait until Eli can start walking, talking, telling me stories. I want him to have fun at school and enjoy family vacations. Everything!

Crazier thought!? There will eventually be another Eli. Okay, so I am not saying that I want to name both of my children Eli, but...'hey, if I can't come up with anything'. Although, I like to think that I would consider myself original enough to not need to name my children the same thing. Guess we will cross that bridge... But, anyway. There will (hopefully) be another child in the future, and it is crazy to think that we get to do it all over again. And, then again...we do it all over again! To start back at square one is so exciting and scary at the same time. More crazy to think about doing it all over again, with an older Eli! Cra-zay! I know, only time will tell. And I don't doubt that God gives us more than we can handle.

Sorry for my rant...just needed to be said. So, I will leave you with some of Eli's newborn pictures...and recent pictures!

Here is Eli minutes after he was born!
Here is my sweet little angel sleeping in his hospital bassinet.
Eli heading home from the hospital
And, here we are NOW. This is Eli giving us one of his 'Blue Steel' poses for the camera.
Strikin' another pose
And our VERY HAPPY little boy and his spaghetti

Sunday, December 12, 2010

10 months and counting

Well, Eli is 10 months old, today! Yes, that means that he will be the big '1' in just two more months. At that point, Eli will officially not be considered a 'baby', anymore? Thoughts? Does he become a toddler? It is just crazy for Keith and I to witness our incredible growing son day in and day out.

In the mean time, we are quickly approaching Eli's first Christmas. We can't wait to start some family traditions and watch Eli play with his toys and open presents. Man, I really hope that Keith and I get good at Christmas, because we aren't off to the best start. As in, we bought Eli's 'big' gift from Santa...and totally caved. Not only did he get to see it and 'test it out', but it is totally in the floor now on display with all of his other toys. Ummm, yeah...we couldn't wait until Christmas morning. There are a few other things that are waiting for him, and hopefully they can wait until Christmas.

So, here are some videos of Eli cutting up with Keith. He seriously laughs, giggles, and smiles 24/7 now. It is so much fun!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Got them Gable teeth..

Well, not a lot to report from the G house this week, sorry. Except that Keith is full blown sick, so Eli and I have been trying to fly solo, to avoid getting sick too. Not to mention, give Keith a chance to recover and get better.

Eli is still all laughs and smiles, and his top two chompers are really coming in. And, 'yes'..we think they are going to be big..haha, :) Got mama's teeth. It is so much fun to imagine what he is going to look like with a mouth full of pearly whites. Eli is also started to wave...yay! It is very 'flalely', and sporadic, but I know what he is doing. He is also a major chatter box. He stands around growling, 'aaahhing', and practicing is constants all the time. He has got a couple of his letters knocked out, but not quite discovered the 'd' yet....sorry Keith! But, he is rocking and rolling on saying 'mama'. :)

Here are some of the pictures we snapped from Thanksgiving.

Is it just me...or is Eli looking GQ in this picture?
Keith, Grandad, and Uncle Matt
Yes, those are goats! Eli basically got to visit a petting zoo on Thanksgiving. Those goats were so awesome and friendly...and crazy!
Yes, that is Keith holding my sweet, precious, fragile baby by his feet, dangling in the air....and Eli LOVES it! He is such an adrenaline junky, and the more physical the play, the better.