Saturday, December 17, 2011

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

I know I haven't posted in a month, my bad. So, I owe you a more substanial update and some pictures.

But, I just have to share that Eli is all boy. He is obsessed with anything that beeps, toots, honks, or flies. Eli loves Thomas the Tank Engine and all trains, as well as Lightening McQueen, and all cars.

Yes, I promise to share more information and pictures....coming soon!

Friday, November 18, 2011


Yes, I a little delayed for a 'Halloween update', but what kind of mom would I be if I didn't share Eli's second Halloween experience.

First things first....what was Eli for Halloween? 'Argh!'....a pirate. And, trust me, he played the part. On que, Eli would give me an 'argh', which also happens to sound like his 'lion', 'bear', and a frog, at times. But, he enjoyed. I also feel the need to share that this may go down as Eli's most used Halloween costume in history. He wore it a total of 3 times within a few weeks, with a 4th opportunity available, but we had to pass on the 'pirate themed birthday party', due to timing.

So, back to the 'big day'. Eli rocked it! The pirate hat took a lot of convincing, at first. However, he began to embrace it. Initially, he bolted out of the house and down the street with no real direction of what he was doing. After several houses of practice, Eli had trick or treating down. He knew to grab his bucket, walk up to the door, knock on the door (which was done by simply pressing his index finger softly against the door), or ringing the door bell. He held out his bucket, and collected his booty. He even got to open a few pieces on his trek (he became a bit obsessed with any of the suckers that hit the bucket). Eli, also, enjoyed a little break at a well decorated house. They had lot of decorations in their yard with fun Halloween music playing. Eli, made sure to provide the other trick or treaters with plenty of entertainment as he broke it down to some 'Ghostbusters'. All in all, it was a great night.

I also included pictures of the Halloween party that he got to go to, as well. And, one of his 'costume parade' at school. You will notice that there is repetitive theme in the party pictures. yes, Eli took to a particular orange (that were used to decorate like little pumpkins). Eli and this orange were inseparable.


This is Eli straight out of the gate, when he took off on a mission down the street, with no clear direction.
Here is Eli breaking it down to 'Ghostbusters' in a neighbors yard. Here is Eli after 'owning' the trick or treating gig.
First shot from the Halloween party. I just thought it was cute, but you can begin to see the theme.
I just love this picture. Eli made a little ninja/bumble bee friend, at the party. It just reminds me of two guys mingling at a party......oh yeah, recognize something else?
Don't worry, Eli is a loyal friend. Made sure to include 'his orange' in play time activities.
Last shot is a glimpse of his costume parade with his fellow classmates and Snow White teacher.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fallin' in love with Fall!

Wow, it has been cra-zay around here with a bunch of things that are keeping us all on the go. But, that has not taken away from us enjoying this wonderful weather and everything about the fall season. We have been enjoying the great outdoors with some walks, done pumpkin carving, and even Halloween costume shopping. No, no...I am not going to break the surprise. However, there is a wonderful sneak peak of Eli's thoughts when he first tried it on.

Also, the poor guy caught the stomach bug that has been going around town. And, 'go around', it did. Eli had it, I got it, followed by Keith. I think his picture sums it up for the rest of us.

Just love this picture. It is Eli out in his element.
Eli's first pumpkin carving experience! No, he didn't actually handle the knife.

I love this shot! Eli took off running on our walk. I said, "Eli, slow down". And this is what I got. Yes, he interpreted it as 'sit down'. Love it!

Poor guy! Here is Eli laid up on the couch feeling under the weather. :(

Another picture of Eli enjoying his enviroment.

....and drum roll please! The first glimpse of Eli's costume for 2011.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Great Day...

So, I recently realized that Eli and I were in a bit of a 'rut' with how we chose to spend our time. Suddenly it dawned on me that we hadn't done any art projects together, even though he does them all the time at school. In fact, he is quite the artist! So, we decided to head to Michaels and load up on some supplies. We left complete with: washable paints, brushes, sidewalk chalk, felt, googely eyes, cotton balls, bakers clay, paper, glue, crayons, paper....and of course a toy snack. :) Additionally, while we were roaming the isles we did a little role playing, and Eli preferred to be a 'zoo keeper' over a pirate.

In honor of 9/11, it seemed only fitting to do an American flag. In the middle of 'moms prep time', Eli kept himself busy with alternative projects. Finally, after the supplies were ready, we got off and running and had a blast. Ok, ok, so I needed to do a little bit more research on 'glue for felt', but we made it work in the end....and our beautiful masterpiece is pictured below.

To unwind at the end of the day, and Eli to regain his 'man card', we chilled out to watch the first half of the Cowboys v. Jets game. Eli had to go to bed, of course, so I will have to tell him how it ended in the morning. But, just shortly before he hit the bed, we concluded our night with a little bedtime story and 'talk about I love you' via phone. Yes....I am one of the few unintelligent people that carry two phones in life. And, Eli LOVES to talk on one while I talk on the other. Most of the time he just picks up any phone he sees and puts it to his ear, but when I can take advantage of making the call to him, I do. He was sure to go over all of his animal sounds with me, tonight (my favorites are 'cat', 'spaceship', 'horse', and 'frog). All in all, we had a good day. :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Holy...whoa, is this a blog update...?!?

Is this an actual updated blog post!?! I know, I am beside myself. Well....... that is all I got, nothing has happened since Easter.

Umm, ok...not in the slightest! Eli is doing so awesome! And, no, one needs to worry, because he is just as cute and lovable as he was a few months ago. I hate to say that I am going to keep this brief, but I almost feel like there has been so much going on, I don't know where to begin.

Updates you are interested in? Eli LOVES to dance! In fact, he is dancing right now! Any song that comes on (TV shows, radio, in a store, ect...) Eli shakes his groove thing. He loves to bounce up and down, clap his hands, and spin in circles. What else does Eli love? The IPad....Eli crack, otherwise called. Not only does he love to play with his favorite games and books on the ipad, and knows how to close out and open the applications as well. It has gotten so bad, that if he is playing a game, and he comes to a puzzle that he can not solve...he knows to push the 'home' button to close out.

Milestones? He has mastered walking, running, dancing, and climbing. Oh yes, Eli climbs on EVERYTHING. Talking? Nope, not yet. That is a big question that I get a lot, but, he is not doing a whole lot of it. That does not stop him from communicating. Eli points, uses about 10 different signs in sign language, and says a some words. In addition to that, he loves doing impressions....he two favorite are 'cat' and 'clock'. But, he also knows 'snake', 'elephant', 'seal', 'duck', 'tiger', 'train', ect. Knowing Keith and I, I don't doubt that once the flood gate of words open for Eli...there will be no stopping him.

Updates for Keith and I? Keith is still rockin' and rolling at Travelers and I started a new job. After 5 1/2 years with Samuel Adams, I left for a role in marketing at RaceTrac Petroleum. I am truly having a blast with my new role, and feel like this is what I am supposed to be doing.

So, here is some of the 'highlight Eli shots' from the last several months.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Well, this was Eli's 2nd Easter....and well, slightly more eventful than last year. Gosh, I don't totally know what we did last year, but I know that he was only a month or two probably, not a whole lot. This year!? We had a great time! I was so excited to watch Eli enjoy his Easter basket and do an Easter egg hunt.

The Easter bunny came to our house and left Eli a basket with books and eggs. Eli also got a 'sports activity center' with a slide, which he loves to climb on. Not so much into the act of 'sliding', but loves to climb to the top. He also got a bouncy ball and pillow pet, as well. After the basket festivities we headed to my mom's for an Easter egg hunt and some lunch.

Eli did great! He knew exactly what to do with his eggs and basket. I kind of guessed that he would be a natural at Easter. See, he LOVES to put things into stuff and take stuff out. For instance, he will deconstruct his entire diaper bag and put it all back in. Or, he will go into the pantry and take every can out of a 12pk of soda and put them back in. So, when I was thinking about my little man with eggs and a basket...DONE! It was really cute to watch him walk around and 'do his thing'. So, here are the pictures!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Eli's First Haircut and new BFF!

(Quick note: This is one of two blog updates, so be sure to check out the other one below with pictures!)

Well, we finally did it! We got Eli a hair cut! Man oh man...was I/were we on the fence about it. He looked so so cute with his shaggy little mop hair, but we moved forward. I noticed in last nights bath that the back was getting a little long and kind of girlie. So, we decided to go in for a trim. We actually just picked a spot close to the house that specializes in kids. The shop and hair dresser were so-so. You could tell that Eli was not a fan and pretty uncomfortable. He got pretty fussy towards the end and it helped when I put him in my lap to finish the cut. I feel like the whole thing was over and done with in a matter of minutes. I suppose they learn how to cut quick, considering the kid's tempers. But, Eli did really well, and we let him have a reward at the end. Yes...yes, we let him have a little cherry dum-dum sucker, which he absolutley loved! I will also admit, at first, I had MAJOR hair cut remorse! The minute my lil' man didn't look like himself I wanted to cry! I hated that it was all chopped off and would be awhile before it came back. I hated that Eli didn't look like 'Eli' .... :(. However, after a few hours and some styling tricks by Keith I am pretty sold!

So, before moving straight to the photos, I just have to share a few other tidbits. First, is that Eli learned to blow kisses today! :) So cute! Keith taught him while I was rummaging around a store for some clothes...hehe.

Second, is a cute story from the grocery store tonight. The three of us made a quick stop at the grocery store on the way home from dinner. As we were at the register checking out a young grocery bagger asked me a few questions about Eli. About that time Eli walked over to him with his arms outstretched to be picked up. The young man picked up Eli with a look of surprise on his face. We insisted that our child doesn't always ask to be picked up by strangers and he was 'special'. You could tell the guy was shocked and flattered at the same time. It is store policy that the baggers take the groceries to the car, so Keith insisted on pushing the cart while the young kid carried Eli. Yes...we walked all the way to the car with Keith and the cart and the young high school aged bagger-boy carrying Eli. LOL! Eli was loving it! The kid was somewhat awkward and I was laughing hysterically. Finally, we arrived at the car and I tried to grab Eli to put him in. He began to fuss so I gave the two new BFF's a few more minutes together. Finally, after a bit of a fit, Eli went unwillingly back into my arms. That, of course, was not after Eli reached back out to get one final hug goodbye. It was such a cute and sweet moment. I never got the kids name, but certainly called the store and put in a good word for him with the manager on duty! Only regret...? I didn't snap any pictures of it. :( back to the haircut! :)
Eli, before the haircut.
The shaggy cute!!
'What is going on? What is this thing they put on me? I feel violated!'
'Um, ok...why are we doing this again?! I am not happy!'
Finally calm once he got in my lap to finish off the cut. Um, yeah...shoulda tried this in the beginning. Looking dapper, though...huh?
Yes, because Eli was so great for his first hair cut, he got a sucker like all of the other kids. And he LOVED it. Ok, so he might have put the wrong end in his mouth a few times and got sugary gooeyness all over the car, but 'hey'!
Here is Eli studying his new favorite thing....a cherry sucker!
And here is the finished product, after some post 'dad styling techniques'. I must say, I am a much bigger fan!