Friday, November 18, 2011


Yes, I a little delayed for a 'Halloween update', but what kind of mom would I be if I didn't share Eli's second Halloween experience.

First things first....what was Eli for Halloween? 'Argh!'....a pirate. And, trust me, he played the part. On que, Eli would give me an 'argh', which also happens to sound like his 'lion', 'bear', and a frog, at times. But, he enjoyed. I also feel the need to share that this may go down as Eli's most used Halloween costume in history. He wore it a total of 3 times within a few weeks, with a 4th opportunity available, but we had to pass on the 'pirate themed birthday party', due to timing.

So, back to the 'big day'. Eli rocked it! The pirate hat took a lot of convincing, at first. However, he began to embrace it. Initially, he bolted out of the house and down the street with no real direction of what he was doing. After several houses of practice, Eli had trick or treating down. He knew to grab his bucket, walk up to the door, knock on the door (which was done by simply pressing his index finger softly against the door), or ringing the door bell. He held out his bucket, and collected his booty. He even got to open a few pieces on his trek (he became a bit obsessed with any of the suckers that hit the bucket). Eli, also, enjoyed a little break at a well decorated house. They had lot of decorations in their yard with fun Halloween music playing. Eli, made sure to provide the other trick or treaters with plenty of entertainment as he broke it down to some 'Ghostbusters'. All in all, it was a great night.

I also included pictures of the Halloween party that he got to go to, as well. And, one of his 'costume parade' at school. You will notice that there is repetitive theme in the party pictures. yes, Eli took to a particular orange (that were used to decorate like little pumpkins). Eli and this orange were inseparable.


This is Eli straight out of the gate, when he took off on a mission down the street, with no clear direction.
Here is Eli breaking it down to 'Ghostbusters' in a neighbors yard. Here is Eli after 'owning' the trick or treating gig.
First shot from the Halloween party. I just thought it was cute, but you can begin to see the theme.
I just love this picture. Eli made a little ninja/bumble bee friend, at the party. It just reminds me of two guys mingling at a party......oh yeah, recognize something else?
Don't worry, Eli is a loyal friend. Made sure to include 'his orange' in play time activities.
Last shot is a glimpse of his costume parade with his fellow classmates and Snow White teacher.