Monday, August 3, 2009

Symptoms...or shall I say, the lack of

Not a whole lot to say here...except that I have been very lucky!  Yes, I have had very little sickness at all.  Although, my paranoia has been raging!  When you are pregnant and are not sick or having symptoms it is easy to get scarred.  Seriously, there was a few weeks there (between 8-11) that I just didn't simply didn't feel anything.  Keith would ask if I 'felt pregnant', and the answer was commonly 'no'.

Don't get me wrong, I have had symptoms.  The big ones: cramps, tiredness, and occasionally queasy.  Also, those darn prenatal vitamins have certainly taken their toll on me.  They have made me pretty sick about half a dozen times.  Actually, there was a very dramatic incidence driving down 121...not to get into the extra details.

I have actually felt so good that I have been able to keep up my normal work routine, bad late night-staying up habits, and even traveled to: Vegas, L.A., and San Diego without any issues.

So... 'yes' I have been very blessed.  

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