Friday, October 21, 2011

Fallin' in love with Fall!

Wow, it has been cra-zay around here with a bunch of things that are keeping us all on the go. But, that has not taken away from us enjoying this wonderful weather and everything about the fall season. We have been enjoying the great outdoors with some walks, done pumpkin carving, and even Halloween costume shopping. No, no...I am not going to break the surprise. However, there is a wonderful sneak peak of Eli's thoughts when he first tried it on.

Also, the poor guy caught the stomach bug that has been going around town. And, 'go around', it did. Eli had it, I got it, followed by Keith. I think his picture sums it up for the rest of us.

Just love this picture. It is Eli out in his element.
Eli's first pumpkin carving experience! No, he didn't actually handle the knife.

I love this shot! Eli took off running on our walk. I said, "Eli, slow down". And this is what I got. Yes, he interpreted it as 'sit down'. Love it!

Poor guy! Here is Eli laid up on the couch feeling under the weather. :(

Another picture of Eli enjoying his enviroment.

....and drum roll please! The first glimpse of Eli's costume for 2011.