Monday, August 3, 2009

Our first appointments and ultrasounds

Well, my first appointment was supposed to be at 'Week 8' (according to the OBGYN office..even though I knew they were off).  I was actually having some pretty severe cramps and stuff, so I called the office.  They went ahead and told me to come on in a few days early.

Keith and I went in, and they said everything appeared to be fine with my cramping.  They did go ahead and do a ultrasound just to be safe.  The office thought I was 8 weeks, I was thinking more like 6 to 7.  This would imply that you would see something on the ultrasound machine, instead there was hole....

I was panicked!  I couldn't stand that I couldn't see anything.  They said I was probably too early to tell, but I couldn't imagine being any earlier than 6 weeks.  So, they told me to come back 2 weeks later..

Those were the hardest 2 weeks!  I had the 4th of July to distract me, but it was painful.  We also didn't tell anyone during this time without knowing anything.  I was pretty much assuming the worst this whole time.  I tried to take it easy and distract myself.

...Finally the 2 weeks passed (July 6th) I had never been so excited for a Monday following a 3 day weekend!  Keith and I went in nervously.  They started to do the ultrasound and I was seeing nothing......then, we saw a baby!!!  Not only that, but Keith immediately spotted the heartbeat!  Wow, what a exciting!  We saw the little white flicking light that was the heartbeat, and was told it looked to be very strong.

That was such a cool moment, and suddenly everything got really real!

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