Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Happening's Happenings...

Stupid blog post title, I know. Oh, well...what are you going to do? I just feel like it is has been so long since I have posted, and there is so much to catch up on. Why does it feel like so long? Because I have been freaking traveling around so much. I have spent so much time away from my lil' man...far more than I would ever wish. My recent adventures? Vail, Colorado...I went ahead and put a few pictures on here to show that life after mom-hood can still be crazy and wild. Yep, I did ATVs and paintball....and yes, I have some battle wounds to prove it.

Ok...enough about me, lets get to the main act. Eli! He had his 6 month doctors appointment, including vaccinations. Also, inclusive of his new stats. Our lil' man is officially in the 85th percentile of height at 27 1/4 inches. Weight is 16lbs and 4.5oz, which is the 50%. So, he is growing to be quite the big boy....and that is evident in his new pictures!

Yep, we went ahead and got 6 month pictures. I am really glad that we did, because I feel like it is one of the best times to remember his as a 'baby'. We will also do 1 year pictures, but at the rate he is morphing, he will look like a teenager. Also, we used this as an opportunity to get some 'family photos'. As you can imagine it isn't that easy to snap a lot of self portraits of the fam, while looking somewhat decent. Eli did GREAT during the photo shoot. He was fussy only a few times, but no melt downs. Additionally, he was not bashful, either...and flashed a couple of really cute grins at the camera. Here are a couple of shots that the photographer deemed 'favorites', and we will get the rest last this week.

As for progress? Well, Eli has officially started enjoying his food now. He seems to be getting down the whole process of opening his mouth and actually swallowing the food, rather than spitting it back up. Also? He has started walking in a forward manner in his little walker (see, before, he seemed to only manage to go in reverse). Eli is also pulling himself up on toys! He has a favorite toy that he always grabs the top and pulls himself up. He just loves to stand up, and has started doing it himself.

Actually, I will add one more thing. I had an epiiphany the other day coming from Eli's appointment. I looked at my happy healthy baby riding in his car seat (I know, still a miracle)....but, I took a moment to realize, "We did it!". Keith and I have been successful parents for the last 6 months and raised a happy and healthy little boy. I think more than being young or getting older, at that moment I was mostly proud and impressed of Keith and I. :)

Well, I feel like I am forgetting something. So, don't be surprised if I show up back up within the week for more to say. And, I will be certain to add some of the other pictures!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


In an attempt to cancel a gym membership the other day, Keith and I somehow ended up becoming more invested in our purchase. Not only did we not end up canceling our membership, we took a a tour of the children's area. So, Keith and I decided to make the jump today and go to the gym for the first time since Eli was born (I am not kidding, it is hard to find the time to do anything when you are a working mom). Not only did we go to work out, we dropped Eli off in then nursery. This is the first time we have dropped him off in 'nursery setting'. He has a nanny at our house during the work day and goes to my mom's and Susan's, but never been dropped off at a 'new/strange' place.

The verdict? Eli did great! I kept waiting to get the page to come rescue my crying baby, but he did fantastic...the page never came! When we came down stairs he was laying on the ground with two other little boys that looked similar in age, just chilling. The girls said that he did fantastic and only got upset once (another crying baby set him off), and was calmed with his bottle.

How did I do? Lord, save me. I would be lying if I said that I did start wishing that I would get the page to rescue my crying baby, "Eli cry...Eli cry". I went into an insanely intense class. It was really really intense cardio, combined with free weights and push-ups. I can't believe how out of shape I was, because I was having to do the 'modified' version of a lot of stuff. What else did I discover? Everything jiggles a lot more after you have a baby. I was also inspired by all of the other moms that were in my class, and just how buff and in shape they are. I looked around and realized that I have no excuses to not be in shape, in some capacity.

So, I don't have any pictures of us at the gym (thank God). But, I have to leave you with some cute recent videos that we took of Eli on his 6 month birthday. He is so chatting now. He is always making zurburts and the sweetest little sounds. Also, he seems to be using inflection, too! So, when I talk to him or ask him questions, I can almost make out what 'would be' his answers. :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

6 months old!!

Today is the day, August 12th, which marks Eli's 6 month birthday. So, tomorrow he will officially be one day closer to the age of 1 than his birth. That is pretty crazy to comprehend. Granted, it is just the difference of one day, but still my baby is growing up, and will be one, soon. One of the other crazy realities, was the 1st birthday invitation that we got for my cousin's baby. She was one of the people that I was in the preggo possie with last year, and had her baby is first in the group. And, now we are a upon the first of the 1st birthdays. Soon, the rest of the crew will be making plans for all of the November bdays, January bdays...then Eli's! Is it wrong that I have already been thinking of themes and cake ideas? It will be quite the celebration, for sure.

So, where has Eli come in his 6 months of life, and where does he still have yet to go?

- His two bottom teeth are above the gum line and coming in strong. Finally, Keith was able to snag a picture! Oh! And another bottom tooth is on its way. It is a molar-ish. Not quite all the way in the back, but one of the ones that is close to it.
- He is sitting up by himself pretty well, with a few doozies only ever so often.
- He reaches for things all the time. He puts his arms out for us to pick him up, or reaches for Winston and Dottie kisses. He also takes his pacifier out of his mouth and puts it back in, all the time.
- He has also said the word 'mama', and the debate is still out on if we have heard 'dada' yet.
- As for crawling? Well, that isn't happening yet. But, he recently started showing an interest in it. He gets his little back legs going, so that it scoots his butt up in the air, but then forgets to move his arms forward. So, it is basically an 'inch worm motion', without the inching. At the point that his butt gets too high up in the air, and he becomes to heavy and topples over onto his back.

- He loves to smile and laugh when he and dad rough house. Keith has a way of discovering new games that get him giggling non stop.
- He LOVES the Sunday school song "Rise and Shine". He can be in the most miserable moods, stop crying, and start smiling when I sing that song.
- Eli also loves really soft toys and blankets. My mom actually made this discovery when he was only a little bitty baby. But, we rediscovered it a few months ago. This is especially helpful when we are trying to calm him down or get him to sleep.
- He also still LOVES his bath time, and enjoys splashing around in the water.
- Eli also still has his dad's quick temper. Yep, if he doesn't like something...it is our job to make it better. And this typically means after about 10 or 15 minutes of doing one activity.

Still to go:
- We are starting solids!

Ok, not exactly 'these' solids. But, I have made him some baby food a few times, in addition to buying the store stuff. He isn't really crazy about the 'production' of eating. I don't think he likes the highchair and bib. However, when he takes the time to appreciate the taste in a non-dining environment, he likes it. (ie. when he is tasting the food from his face or fingers while prepping for a bath. Yes, Keith and I ended up feeding him some more food just before bath time, because he changed his mind).

- Other things that I know are in store in the next couple of months: sitting solo, crawling, waving, high fives, and more hands on playing with some of his toys. Also Eli will have his: 1st Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. We couldn't be more excited about all of the fun celebrations that we get to share with him and start family traditions. A lot of my friends are telling me that 6mths to a year is some of the most fun and best times, so Keith and I are excited! It is hard to imagine it getting better, but I can see where the adventures will come into play.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Home Sweet Home

'There's no place like home...there's no place like home!' Yes, I am back from San Diego, finally. What a long week! This marked the longest stay away from home and my baby Eli. I have pulled a few 'one nighters', but this was 4 days and 3 nights, which feels a whole lot longer than you would imagine.

What did I miss while I was gone? Well, my son now appears to be a giant! I am pretty sure he doubled in size over the 4 days I was gone...my how fast they grow. Also, his second bottom tooth broke the surface! seriously, he has two little bottom baby teeth coming in! (Still no pictures...nearly impossible feet at this point).

Overall? It was a really good trip. It included a beer dinner in the San Diego Zoo, where I picked up Eli's first souvenir! It was a super soft and really cute Elephant with a SDZoo tag. It is actually Eli's Grey Elephant...or you could say Eli Grey's elephant (see...his middle name is Grey...get it?) Unfortunately, we didn't get to hang out in the zoo, like I wanted...pretty much in and out of the restaurant. But, I can't begin to tell you happy I was to see all of the happy families and kids roaming around with strollers and souvenir toys and water bottles. Dreams of our first trip to the zoo began to fill my head, and I couldn't have been more excited.

The rest of the trip entailed a ton of lengthy meetings and a fun day of sailing. Unfortunately, there was not a lot of down time to call home or 'talk' to Eli. But, fortunately, I didn't sit around missing everyone the entire time, either. But, I will say this. Never in my life have I found myself randomly smiling or giggling. Just the thought of Eli would send me into a tail spin of joy. Also, during a few of my calls home, Keith would get Eli laughing and giggling during our calls....and it made me so happy!

So, the trip finally came to an end. While I know some of you have traveled with your babies, I am glad that I have not been in this boat, yet. I just don't see this being a good situation for our family, right now. But, it was so much fun seeing all of the little boys (5 total on our plane)...but it also made me miss Eli that much more. What sucked? A lightening storm hit Dallas about 5 minutes before we were going to make our decent. So, we were in a holding pattern for an hour, while watching the lightening storm out the windows. Then, the captain got on the speaker and said we might have to land in Shreveport to refuel and then fly back to Dallas. Which would have turned our 8:35pm landing into a 12am or later landing. I felt like a lioness that was desperate to get to her baby. My patience and sanity were beginning to run out, and I would have done anything to get home to Eli, because the idea of waiting any longer to see him droze me crazy. Thank goodness, we were able to land just one hour late...while flying in on fumes....but in Dallas! Keith picked me up from the airport, and then we headed to my moms to pick up Eli. He was wide awake and very happy to see me. The minute he saw his mommy, he threw out his arms and opened his mouth for kisses! Made my heart melt! I had been imagining a big grin, but the kisses were far better than I could have asked for! He spent the rest of the night grabbing my face and giving me big ole' smackers.

Next up? 4 days and 3 nights in Vail, CO...the week after next. And, unfortunately I still have Vegas, Galveston, and Houston to go in the month of August, with a few day stay in San Antonio to kick off September. :( I miss Eli just thinking about it.
Here is one of the great pictures that Keith 'picture texted' me with while I was away this week. You can only imagine how happy it made me...and how much the rest of my group enjoyed seeing my little baby.
In honor of 'Shark Week'. Here is Eli post-bath time getting eaten by a shark.
Here is a close up of the attack

Also, here is a video that Keith posted from this week, while I was away. It is Eli laying in bed doing his 'zur-burt' thing. This is the same thing that Keith and I heard one day when we were trying to nap with Eli. Clearly he wasn't as tired as we were. On the one hand it was annoying, but undeniably cute and hilarious.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August has arrived!

So, what does the month of August hold, outside of 100 degree temperatures? A lot. August 12th officially marks Eli's first half birthday! Yes, Eli will be 6 months old! Which means, on August 13th, he will officially be closer to one year old, than being a newborn. Quite the 'hump day', huh? It is a lot to take in, and probably still registering in my brain. There are days that I feel like he is still a little newborn, but then there are days where I feel like he is such a big boy...pretty crazy. Perhaps, until we are celebrating his first birthday, it won't really process.

What else does August hold? A ton of trips for mommy. Today I am leaving for San Diego. I think it will be a fun trip (for a work function, anyway), but it will be the longest I have ever been away from Eli...which will be for 4 days/3 nights. I head out to Vail, CO from the 16th-20th (which is 5 days/4 nights). Then, I have one overnighter to Galveston, and a day trip to Vegas. Quite the travel heavy calendar this month... I miss Eli already! Well, I am just praying for the best, and looking forward to September.

With all of my travels, I am already preparing for Keith to take Eli to his first doctors appointment without mom....he is flying solo. I am not worried at all, because he is more than capable of handling the lil guy while I am gone. But, I am kind of sad to miss his big 6 month appointment, but glad that I have a legit excuse to miss his vaccinations (they break my heart).

So, what is Eli up to prior to his big milestone?
- weighing in at 15 1/2 lbs
- rolling over both ways, a lot
- saying 'mama' and 'gaga' and making little 'buzzing/tooting noises with his mouth' (he LOVES to do this when he is bored or taking a nap with mom and dad)
- Eli loves to give kisses! Mom, dad, friends, family, Winston and Dottie (and pulls Lucy's fur)
- he is laughing up a storm. This is usually provoked by 'Daddy-Eli' play time, but I know how to get him to laugh too. I can usually get the giggles going from funny noises or big kisses on his belly. Also, last night I was laughing hysterically at a TV show (to the point of tears), and Eli, who was sitting next to me, turned around and watched me in amazement with a huge grin. He was in awe of me with a huge toothless smile, and then began laughing along side of me. :) (Oh, this is seriously, one of my most favorite moments so far)
- he continues to love to stand and pull himself up, holding o
ur hands, but no crawling motions, yet. Also, still in the process of sitting solo.
- LOVES soft blankets and textures, and will bury his face and body into them to feel them against his skin.
- Eli's first little bottom tooth is still coming in, very slowly
- and his personality grows bigger and bigger everyday as he expresses his likes and dislikes around the house, as he asks us to move him from one activity to the next.
- sleeping? Not so great. He continues to wake up a few times in the night, after demanding that we 'bounce' him to sleep. Keith and I just can't bring ourselves to 'cry it out', despite hearing its success rate. We know he will sleep soundly through the night, eventually. :)
This is Keith's literal interpretation of 'Eli liking soft things'. Pretty much every time I turn around, Keith has got Eli in a really funny outfit, new play position, or something else really funny. I am pretty sure that he is enjoying the liberties of being a dad to a little boy. :)

A closer look at 'blanket head'