Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chubby Bunny

Ok, ok....I did it....I am now wearing maternity pants (despite my stubborn efforts not to) Keith surprised me this week with some maternity clothes as a fun little present.  It was really sweet!  He said that Kohls had some cute jeans that were on sale, so I ran up to take advantage.  Well, it just so happens these preggo jeans are actually cuter than anything I currently own (my bad).  Not to mention, they are so comfy!  

So, after trying on several outfit options last night and about 5 pairs of blue jeans that don't fit (ARGH!!)...I bit the bullet and went maternity.

I am still not convinced that I am 'showing', but I think I am getting the smallest little budge (even though I have only gained 3lbs so far).  We will snap some shots to share and you can be the judge.  I have just noticed that I am not exactly 'popping', but just seem to be getting bigger all around. 

Just thought I would keep you updated...

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