Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sweet Thing

I have no facts to base this statement off of....but I believe Baby G is going to be a sweet, patient, and calm little thing.  May the heavens not strike me down for putting that out in the universe, but it has been more than wonderful up to this point!

I am 15 weeks pregnant today, and had a very fortunate and easy pregnancy so far.  Granted, I still have another 25 weeks for things to change (God forbid), but I am been so lucky up to this point.   I almost feel as if 'Baby G' is just sitting so quietly inside just being so sweet and peaceful.  

Why?  Well, first, I didn't have any morning sickness.  So, they hardly made a 'fuss' at early development or shake things up.  Second, they were so cooperative with the ultrasound tech at the 12 week scan.  They so patiently posed just right for the camera, except for the poor lil' hiccups. Third, I haven't even started to 'show' yet.  Granted, there is an occasional little 'pooch' that pops up on occasions, and I know that is hardly Baby G's doing...but I am just saying. 

I just feel like the first 15 weeks have been very pleasant.  So, I hope that I am not jinxing myself for saying that.  I am also hoping that there are no 'nay-sayers' out there that are wishing Baby G to be disruptive or wild in payment for the way Keith and I acted when we were little.  So, if that is what you are thinking.....get those thoughts out of your head! :) 

I guess that I just ask everyone to keep praying for Baby G, Keith, and myself as we go down this road.  Pregnancy, labor, and little babies can be crazy times for everyone.  So, if you can continue to send out well wishes and prayers for us, that would be greatly appreciated.  We feel so blessed up to this point, and look forward to a year from now when we are celebrating our babies 6months with the family. :) 

The Picasso of Food

So, when I first told me close friends and family I was pregnant I had one friend give me a call one day.  After a long discussion between her and her spouse they concluded that I would be someone that had 'unique cravings'.  She said that she could see me eating some funny stuff, simply because I think so 'creatively'.  I told this to Keith, and his response was... "Why didn't she just come right out and say you were weird!?". :) ha true.

But, the purpose of this post is to confirm that she was actually right.  There have been no 'pickles and ice cream' for me.  (However, I did read in one of the pregnancy books that pregnant women's cravings aren't as weird as you would think, and often don't lead to middle of the night trips to the store).  Although, I can confirm if Keith had been a offering, I would have been a 'taker' on a few ocassions. 

So, this isn't really to write about the weird things that I have 'craved', versus more about the weird things that I have eaten.   Keith is pretty watchful over my diet, so was pretty upset with me when he came home one night to see that I had just eaten scalloped jalapeno potatoes and a can of peaches for dinner.  There was another day that I managed to eat a fudge pop with saltines for breakfast, cake with whip cream, pineapples, and cherries for lunch, and a bag of carrots with ranch, kettle popcorn, and sour patch kids for dinner.  Oh, don't worry...about 11 that night I felt guilty for my day of eating and made a grilled cheese sandwich for substance.   I can't say that I pick these items out in advance to eat, but they simply sound good to eat at the time. :) 

Those have been some of the odd 'combinations' I have managed to assemble. But, outside of that I find that I always lean towards anything from my childhood.  Therefore, there have been lots of Capri Suns, lunchables, squirt cheese, fudge pops, and bomb pops.

That is really all about that for now.  By all means, if I think of other oddities, or have some more 'bad run-ins' down the road, I will be sure to update this. 

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chubby Bunny

Ok, ok....I did it....I am now wearing maternity pants (despite my stubborn efforts not to) Keith surprised me this week with some maternity clothes as a fun little present.  It was really sweet!  He said that Kohls had some cute jeans that were on sale, so I ran up to take advantage.  Well, it just so happens these preggo jeans are actually cuter than anything I currently own (my bad).  Not to mention, they are so comfy!  

So, after trying on several outfit options last night and about 5 pairs of blue jeans that don't fit (ARGH!!)...I bit the bullet and went maternity.

I am still not convinced that I am 'showing', but I think I am getting the smallest little budge (even though I have only gained 3lbs so far).  We will snap some shots to share and you can be the judge.  I have just noticed that I am not exactly 'popping', but just seem to be getting bigger all around. 

Just thought I would keep you updated...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Baby G's First Movie

Keith made this video for us today!  It has Baby G's heartbeat, too!

Welcome...the news is out!

Welcome to Baby G's blog, for all of you new comers. :)  Yes, Keith and I finally made it official, and have told our friends and family.  Ok, so it is via the all too convenient Facebook, but hey it is 2009.  

Keith and I just want to say 'Thank You' for all of the well wishes and enthusiastic responses that we have received.  I am looking forward to some 'much needed' advice from the experienced parents out their.  Additionally, I hope to also be a 'learning curve' for those of you that are yet to go through this.  

While everyone has told me how quickly this experience goes by, up to this point it has been pain stakingly slow.  While June does feel somewhat like yesterday, all of the 'in between' has been a snails pace.  I am sure once the baby starts making it's appearance to the outside world (in the form of a preggo belly), and starts moving around....I am guessimg the whole experience will start to get more real.  Also, I am guessimg at that point, we will loose all control of time!  Not to mention, Baby G will in their ultimate 'final weeks/months' during the holidays, so I am anticipating my mind will be cutting quickly from October to February at lightening speed.

Anyway, thanks for reading and sharing in this journey with us.  We welcome you all into our life and experience, and look forward to future with our lil' one!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Upcoming Appointments

Thursday, September 10th:
8:30 am - Midwife/OB check up (standard check-up)
2:30 pm - NT Scan Follow-up (bloodwork, possilbe ultrasound)

Tuesday, October 6th:
8:20am - Midwife/OB check up (standard check-up)

Wednesday, October 7th
9:20- Ultrasound Tech (Big Gender Result Ultrasound!)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The NT Scan with ultrasound pics!

Ok, so many of you didn't know we had an upcoming ultrasound appointment, well that is because we just booked it a few days ago.  It is called an 'NT Scan'.  It is used for early 'prescreening' to test for down syndrome and trisomy 18.  While we are staying positive about the results, we really wanted the test to get another peak out 'Baby G'.  Our last ultrasound was at 7 week and our next one should not be until we were getting anxious.This was an abdominal ultrasound like you see in the movies.  The doctor went to work and start moving around my belly when Baby G showed up!  The little one was beautiful...I couldn't get over seeing its little arms and legs.  It was a little baby, and not a tadpole (like when last seen at week 7).  Poor thing had the hiccups, though! :(  I felt so bad for it, but it was kind of cute.  Every few seconds their entire body would jump.  Also, Baby G was moving around, moving it's arms and legs, rolling over, covering it's face...just about everything.

Also, we heard the heartbeat, as well.  A strong 160!  We will also have an appointment at 8am on Thursday morning with our midwife.  That should be a standard appointment, but we will get to hear the heartbeat again!

Here are some of the pictures from our wonderful day! :) 

Baby G's Travels

So, I thought this was a worthy post, as 'Baby G' will have been far and wide before they ever enter into the real world. So, I just thought that I would log their trips. :)


Las Vegas, NV
Los Angeles, CA
San Diego, CA

Minneapolis, MN

Boston, MA


San Francisco, CA
Carmel, CA

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Heartbeat!!!

Well, I just heard the heartbeat, yay!  Ok, so this heartbeat is not to be confused with the heartbeat that we heard 2 weeks ago...that was actually mine!  Yeah, yeah...don't I feel stupid now.

When I got home from San Diego, Keith and I gave the ole' doppler a whirl.  We heard a real slow heartbeat coming through, which the doppler said was around 123.  120-160 is a normal fetal range, so really had no reason to question.  However, the fact that it was coming from the left side of my abdomen was a little odd.  I guess, I was assuming I had a little slow moving baby that was deciding to take up dock in the left side of my stomach.  ha ha.

So, today as I was changing from my work clothes to casual clothes, I stopped to admire my somewhat growing belly.  Nope..not growing with a baby bump...but just seeing fat. ewww :(  So, I get the idea 'I should use the doppler'.  Keith was still at work at this point.  So, I use the ultrasound gel and start gliding across my stomach, when I hear it! The infamous 'galloping horses' everyone says is the fetal heartbeat.  (Galloping horses is to fetal heartbeats, as freight trains are to tornadoes....get the idea).

There it little galloping horse. :)  The heart beat was so fast!  Oh, and it was also right in the center of my abdomen!  What was I thinking...seriously a 120 lub-dub chillin' out next to my intestines?  Seriously...get with it Leigh (pregnancy brain is in full swing, at this point). 

I laid there for a few moments just admiring the sound, and was thankful to have that 'moment'. So, I was just about to text Keith 'I have a surprise for you when you get home'..when he walks in the door.  I anxiously bring him near my belly and doppler and begin the search.  Mean while Keith is getting anxious because he has a strict Monday schedule to keep that consists of working out and wake boarding...all time sensitive (I understand..not being sarcastic).  So, he darts away to change...darts away to put on shoes...darts away to make a water bottle. Meanwhile, I am stead fast to find this heartbeat....when all I get is my slow 'lub-dub...lub-dub'.  Sure luck.  Keith darts out the doors for his work out....when, within seconds of the doors closing...there comes my galloping horses! 'dum-dum, dum-dum, dum-dum, dum-dum...'.  What a little stinker right?  We will give it another try when he gets back in. :) 
So, today has been a great day so far.  I am glowing from my discovery.  I feel so much better now about the pregnancy (as I have been in a constant state of worry from my lack of symptoms).  Baby G and I shared a great moment today, and somehow managed to play a trick on dad. 

Friday, August 7, 2009

Food- Love/hate relationship

Well, I guess this is a worthy blog posting.  I haven't exactly had Keith out in the middle of the night picking me up pickles and ice cream, but there were certainly times that it sounded appealing.

There really have only been a few things that I have 'craved' on a continuous basis.  Otherwise, it is more 'in the moment' likes and dislikes.  I see something that I 'REALLY' want, or 'REALLY DON'T' want.

Likes: Orange juice, fresh fruit, fried okra, canned fruit, popsicles, squirt cheese & crackers, tuna salad, chicken salad, wasabi peas, pickles, and McDonald's cheeseburgers.

Dislikes: All vitamins, Ribs, cottage cheese, pretty much anything in our house, truffle oil, and McDonald's cheeseburgers.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Well, I thought this would be fun, to see what people are thinking 'Baby G' will be.  Here is what we have so far:

- Mary 
- Amanda
- Cassi
- Nancy 
- Dan
- Beth 
- Amy
- Stephanie

- Kay (mom's boss)
- Candice
- Judy
- Lisa
- Erin
- Susie

Symptoms...or shall I say, the lack of

Not a whole lot to say here...except that I have been very lucky!  Yes, I have had very little sickness at all.  Although, my paranoia has been raging!  When you are pregnant and are not sick or having symptoms it is easy to get scarred.  Seriously, there was a few weeks there (between 8-11) that I just didn't simply didn't feel anything.  Keith would ask if I 'felt pregnant', and the answer was commonly 'no'.

Don't get me wrong, I have had symptoms.  The big ones: cramps, tiredness, and occasionally queasy.  Also, those darn prenatal vitamins have certainly taken their toll on me.  They have made me pretty sick about half a dozen times.  Actually, there was a very dramatic incidence driving down 121...not to get into the extra details.

I have actually felt so good that I have been able to keep up my normal work routine, bad late night-staying up habits, and even traveled to: Vegas, L.A., and San Diego without any issues.

So... 'yes' I have been very blessed.  

The Reveals

After we saw 'Baby G' on the ultrasound a 7 weeks we got excited and decided to tell our immediate family and friends.  We did this in as many fun and creative ways as we could.   Without going into all of the stories, here are some of the pictures.

Our first appointments and ultrasounds

Well, my first appointment was supposed to be at 'Week 8' (according to the OBGYN office..even though I knew they were off).  I was actually having some pretty severe cramps and stuff, so I called the office.  They went ahead and told me to come on in a few days early.

Keith and I went in, and they said everything appeared to be fine with my cramping.  They did go ahead and do a ultrasound just to be safe.  The office thought I was 8 weeks, I was thinking more like 6 to 7.  This would imply that you would see something on the ultrasound machine, instead there was hole....

I was panicked!  I couldn't stand that I couldn't see anything.  They said I was probably too early to tell, but I couldn't imagine being any earlier than 6 weeks.  So, they told me to come back 2 weeks later..

Those were the hardest 2 weeks!  I had the 4th of July to distract me, but it was painful.  We also didn't tell anyone during this time without knowing anything.  I was pretty much assuming the worst this whole time.  I tried to take it easy and distract myself.

...Finally the 2 weeks passed (July 6th) I had never been so excited for a Monday following a 3 day weekend!  Keith and I went in nervously.  They started to do the ultrasound and I was seeing nothing......then, we saw a baby!!!  Not only that, but Keith immediately spotted the heartbeat!  Wow, what a exciting!  We saw the little white flicking light that was the heartbeat, and was told it looked to be very strong.

That was such a cool moment, and suddenly everything got really real!

Keith's Reveal

I found out around 7am on Friday, June 12th.  I had my suspicions (hence why I purchased a pregnancy test).  It was after a week of travel in Louisiana and a VERY crazy time.  I found the faintest little pink line staring back at me.  The craziest thing was that it appeared to be 'so far to the left' of where I thought it was supposed to be.  I thought to myself 'this can't be right!'... a few google image searches later, and I realized that line was right where it was supposed to be!

Whoa...suddenly it was getting very real!  I immediately woke Keith up for him to stumble out of bed.  It was very 'undramatic'.  I simply told him that we might be pregnant.  It was so 'unexciting', but I couldn't stand the idea of him not knowing before anyone else...not to mention I couldn't keep the secret. I did say that it wasn't 'official', until my doctors appt. (this provided me an opportunity to do something more exciting later).  

Sure enough, I went to the doctor about a week later to have everything 'officially confirmed'.  That afternoon I went out and purchased some baby water toys, a onesie that says "I Love Daddy', and some 'Happy Father's Day' cards.  

That evening as we were walking out the door for dinner, I surprised him at the door with the cards and gift.  It actually turned into something of a mess.  I was so nervous that I was practically throwing stuff at Keith.  He was taken off guard, but was very excited.  We spent the rest of our evening 'taking it all in' and discussing the future.

(While the reveal was something of a mess, we have enjoyed looking back and laughing about it all).

Not Not Trying

Well, a great majority of you either A) don't know we are pregnant yet or B) were shocked to find out we were!   That is because Keith and I have been pretty good about keeping the pregnancy on the 'down low'.   We are 11 weeks 'along' as of yesterday.  So, I guess I need to catch you up on what has been happening for the last 11 weeks of 'Baby G's' life.

Keith and I always wanted a family, but didn't know 'when'.  I hate to say that it actually became a bit of an argument as we tried to pick the 'perfect date'.  Well, as everyone has told me 'you are never ready'.  

So, after a final conversation we both agreed to 'give it to God'.  I was under the impression that we would wait it out for a few months until we decided to revisit the conversation.  To my surprise Keith said 'lets leave it to God, now'.  So, on Mothers Day, we decided to 'Not Not Try'.  From that point forward, we were going to let the chips fall where they may.