Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Picasso of Food

So, when I first told me close friends and family I was pregnant I had one friend give me a call one day.  After a long discussion between her and her spouse they concluded that I would be someone that had 'unique cravings'.  She said that she could see me eating some funny stuff, simply because I think so 'creatively'.  I told this to Keith, and his response was... "Why didn't she just come right out and say you were weird!?". :) ha true.

But, the purpose of this post is to confirm that she was actually right.  There have been no 'pickles and ice cream' for me.  (However, I did read in one of the pregnancy books that pregnant women's cravings aren't as weird as you would think, and often don't lead to middle of the night trips to the store).  Although, I can confirm if Keith had been a offering, I would have been a 'taker' on a few ocassions. 

So, this isn't really to write about the weird things that I have 'craved', versus more about the weird things that I have eaten.   Keith is pretty watchful over my diet, so was pretty upset with me when he came home one night to see that I had just eaten scalloped jalapeno potatoes and a can of peaches for dinner.  There was another day that I managed to eat a fudge pop with saltines for breakfast, cake with whip cream, pineapples, and cherries for lunch, and a bag of carrots with ranch, kettle popcorn, and sour patch kids for dinner.  Oh, don't worry...about 11 that night I felt guilty for my day of eating and made a grilled cheese sandwich for substance.   I can't say that I pick these items out in advance to eat, but they simply sound good to eat at the time. :) 

Those have been some of the odd 'combinations' I have managed to assemble. But, outside of that I find that I always lean towards anything from my childhood.  Therefore, there have been lots of Capri Suns, lunchables, squirt cheese, fudge pops, and bomb pops.

That is really all about that for now.  By all means, if I think of other oddities, or have some more 'bad run-ins' down the road, I will be sure to update this. 

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