Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The NT Scan with ultrasound pics!

Ok, so many of you didn't know we had an upcoming ultrasound appointment, well that is because we just booked it a few days ago.  It is called an 'NT Scan'.  It is used for early 'prescreening' to test for down syndrome and trisomy 18.  While we are staying positive about the results, we really wanted the test to get another peak out 'Baby G'.  Our last ultrasound was at 7 week and our next one should not be until 20...so we were getting anxious.This was an abdominal ultrasound like you see in the movies.  The doctor went to work and start moving around my belly when Baby G showed up!  The little one was beautiful...I couldn't get over seeing its little arms and legs.  It was a little baby, and not a tadpole (like when last seen at week 7).  Poor thing had the hiccups, though! :(  I felt so bad for it, but it was kind of cute.  Every few seconds their entire body would jump.  Also, Baby G was moving around, moving it's arms and legs, rolling over, covering it's face...just about everything.

Also, we heard the heartbeat, as well.  A strong 160!  We will also have an appointment at 8am on Thursday morning with our midwife.  That should be a standard appointment, but we will get to hear the heartbeat again!

Here are some of the pictures from our wonderful day! :) 

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