Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sick, Sick, Sick

This can be interpreted a few different ways. First, you could look at it in terms of Eli being sick three times since being in daycare for 3 weeks, yikes! Or, you could know that all three members of our tiny family have been hit this week/weekend with sickness.

We got our first 'sick call' 3 days into school. He had a fever, had to go home, and couldn't return for at least 24 hours. The second sickness came this week....(so, YES, we went a whole week without illness, round of applause please!). I picked him up on Wednesday and had been told that my little man threw up twice in the late afternoon. Shortly after we arrived home, I got my first 'real mom moment' when the poor guy threw up all over me, after walking in the door. A few hours later, Keith got the first 'real dad moment' when the same thing happened to him. So, he stayed home on Thursday and went back on Friday. Well, it was around Friday afternoon that I suddenly got a little lightheaded and ill feeling. Not to much longer after that, I had the full blown stomach bug. Meanwhile, Keith has been battling a scratchy throat/head cold all week.

In the grand finale of it all Eli, Keith, and I all ended up being laid up in bed this entire weekend (despite having birthday plans to celebrate Keith's big 2-8). Eli woke up this morning (Sunday) with a major fever and continued to fight it all day long. He has been very lethargic and just wanting to lounge around the bed. The plus side? He is extra cuddly and sweet! He has spent all weekend laying all over us and holding us so is sick and selfish of me, but I am enjoying that part. So, after a full day of vegging, it came to a climax with another major sick episode. This one was a lot more 'major' than the rest, and nearly caused a chain reaction (I will refrain from more details). So, this evening the fever seems to have broke and we are praying that little boy will manage to get some sleep tonight. Us? Well, I am already set-up for a three day weekend in order to take him to the doctor tomorrow, Gammie (my mom) has Tuesday covered, and Keith may take some of the rest of the week (if not all). Looks like he is going to be 'out of school' as much as he has been 'in school' over the last 4 weeks.

Do need to send out a 'Happy Birthday' shout out to Keith! Tuesday, March 29th he will be 28!

So, here are some 'sick pics'. These were taken today. The first one is Eli looking so cute and sad laying in bed. And, the other three are some 'bad dude' 'after sick' bath, and Keith giving him a feel good-cool dude hair do.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Picture update!

Ok, so I had planned to update my last blog post with some recent pictures. However, I never did it...duh! Also, for the record....yes, I do know there is a '1' lingering in my blog background. While I am something of perfectionist in the form of art...I'm gonna let this one go, because it is hard to fix. I apologize if it is a distraction. Remedy? Look at the precious pictures of my sweet baby boy to cope.....
Here is lil' man on the way to his new 'school'...lookin' so precious!
Love this! This is Eli's 'car toy'...that actually makes cars drive round and round. However, he prefers to sit in it like his personal throne. I suppose I should look at this as a positive sign for potty training?
Here is Eli 'getting into' the tubberware cabinet. After an accidental mixing bowl break, he is now into the less expensive cabinet. He loves to stack and un-stack all of the dishes. Very meticulous, this one. ;)
Lastly, a picture that Keith took of lil' man 'brushing his teeth'. Yes, he has 8 teeth...and LOVES brushing them!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nanny Drama...Once and For All!

If you have been following this blog at any point in the last year then you are well aware of some of the nanny drama that Keith and I have experienced. First, we had our first nanny get engaged and tell us she was moving to Alaska. Nanny #2 had to follow her husband to Corsicana for a teaching job. ....and Nanny #3 was alright, but just didn't work out (scheduling and overall dissatisfaction). So, we moved onto Nanny #4! Great girl, young, good head on her shoulders, ect...ect..(or so we thought). #4 was doing great for us, but I still mentioned to Keith that we might want to consider day care, because it would save us some money. He wasn't exactly a fan of the idea, but Eli is old enough to benefit from the interaction and extra education. So, that was the end of that a nutshell.

Fast forward about 3-4 days. I get a text at 6:30am from #4 saying she has food poisoning. Keith calls in sick and spends the day with Eli. I ask that he use some of his spare time to stop by the daycare for a tour to get educated on the place...just in case (he does, and was pleased). Next day...#4 calls in sick AGAIN, ugh! Drama! She comes back to watch Eli on Thursday, and had already requested off for Friday (b/c it was her birthday). So, my mom watches Eli on Friday...when around 3pm I get a text from #4....YES, A TEXT!! Saying something to the extent of 'I have found another job with benefits and it starts on Monday, sorry for the inconvenience'. Yes...that short and sweet...and again, VIA TEXT! Argh!

I flip...immediately call the daycare ask if they can work miracles for us (as they weren't supposed to have an opening until May). Well, lucky for us the opening got pushed up until March 18th...but we still needed a miracle. After an hour of them figuring out how to move kids around, they came to our rescue and said that he could start Monday, hooray! So, after that problem was solved I made sure to get #4 on the phone. I stern fully, but politely told her how unprofessional and disrespectful she was. Also, how horrible it was that she left us in a lurch in such short notice, and she needed to know that as a future mother. I also learned that her 'food poison' was a cover for some interview days....yeah, awesome. Argh! Well...the conversation didn't go anywhere, but I did get my point across!

So...Monday arrives! We get Eli ready for school and both take him up there. When we arrive we meet his teacher to which he holds out his arms and asks to be held by her. He took to her and continued to be carried around the room like a little koala bear. No tears on our departure...but a ton after we left. Day #1: No sleep, hardly ate and cried all day. #2 : Little sleep, little food, little less crying. #3: More sleep, more food, less less crying. #4: SICK! Yes...little guy didn't even make it through the first week before getting sick. We got the call to pick him up and then had to find care for Friday. He has been recovering from a throat infection all weekend and is going to hang around the house with me tomorrow for extra precaution.

Needless to say, the last week has been drama filled. But, it was divine intervention and things will totally work out for the best. We are very excited about the potential that the daycare has for him and bought some vitamins today to help boost his immune system. :)