Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Honeymooners

So, today I was in Ross and picked up a swarm of great books for a great price. Books are one of my weak points. I want to get as many as I can and create a mega library. Actually, what am I saying? Anything for Eli is a weak point. I want to live and breathe baby stuff. The idea of 'nesting' never went away after delivery. I am a perma-nester. Just driving by a Babies R Us can put me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Anyway, I got this great book by Gymboree called 'Play & Learn, 1001 fun activities for your baby and child'. It basically is an activity guide for you and your baby from 0-30 months of age. Some of the concepts are simple and some are creative. Although, a lot seem like 'no brainers', but fall in the 'I wouldn't have thought to do that' category. So, I was reading the '3 month section. And, it says, "From three to six months is sometimes called the honeymoon period. It's a time of glorious smiles, belly laughs, exploring hands, and joyfully kicking feet. Many babies this age learn to sit....". So, I am here to say, 'I couldn't agree more!!'. Granted, I don't know what life after this is going to be like, but I LOVE 4 months! It is so wonderful. Eli smiles and laughs all the time, as well as kicks, plays, and mouths everything. On top of that, he squeaks squeals, and has just started to babble. That's of yesterday Eli gave us a 'mamama' a few times (nothing today, but twice yesterday.) He is such a delight, and I have constantly thought to myself 'man, 4 months old is a really magical time'. Our Lamaze teacher had mentioned something about a 'light switch' going off around 3 months. Well, if 3 months is a light switch, then 4 months is a sunrise. I can tell that he is on the horizon of learning a world of new things, and it could not be more exciting.

So, as for a quick update. Yes, Eli is at the edge of his babbling phase, and we think perhaps teething. To our experience, he has actually had little teeth buds in sight since birth, but now we can feel a raised area along his lower gum. The last few days he has been really fussy and restless, in addition to running a slightly higher temperature than normal. So, we suspect his little tooth could be coming in, finally. But, I will be sure to keep you updated with pictures and such, when hopefully become validated.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Picture Post

Well, I just have to do it. Keith and I have snapped some really cute pictures of Eli lately, and I would love the opportunity to showcase them. Not to mention, my last couple of posts have been picture I have some catching up to do. Enjoy!
Here is a shot from our bath time. This is a nightly ritual that kicks off our 'whined down before bed'. This is something the Eli and I both love a TON. We have so much fun splashing and playing....oh yeah, and cleaning.
Who couldn't love this face? Just such a sweet and precious little boy!
Eli has always been VERY expressive, and given us some of the funniest shots. And so, they continue with these two. Funny stuff.
Oh my gosh, this is one of my favorites, because it says so much to me. Winston was giving Eli kisses, and they were hanging out together (Eli now reaches out and pets Winston, Dottie, and Lucy). Well, while Winston was giving Eli kisses, Eli decided to reciprocate....see, that is how Eli 'kisses' opening his mouth. So, I just think this picture is precious, because Eli is trying to give Winston a kiss.
Just one of his sweet smiles. Seriously, Eli smiles and laughs ALL the time now. It is hard to stop him from flashing a big toothless grin. Although, they have always been tough to catch on camera, because once he knows we are filming, Eli gives us 'Blue Steel'.
Pretty obvious to say that these pictures are from the pool. :) Just some cute stuff.

This is a picture of Eli's new 'sippy cup'. Keith went to the store to pick up new 'level 3' nipples for Eli's bottles, and had to buy this totally cool little sippy cup. We don't use it a whole lot, but he is really good at using it. He is always trying to hold his bottles up on his own, so I think he will enjoy the independence of this bad boy.
This is Eli's awesome 'jumper/walker' toy that looks like a GT. It plays music and lights up inside, and Eli is quite the fan.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nanny Drama...

Just so everyone knows, we are back in the market for another nanny! Yes, this will be nanny #3. Oh, and I know what you are thinking....'yes, I have only been back at work since May'. Nanny #1 (who we were looking to replace, anyway) got engaged and is moving to Alaska the beginning of August. So, she recommended another girl as a replacement. The replacement, Kaylie, is awesome! We love her so much and she is wonderful with Eli! Only catch? Her husband just got a teaching gig in Corsicana, and will be moving at the end of July. So, we are back on the market for nannies.

Good news: We know what we are looking for now, and can spot the good and bad. Bad news: It is a lot of work finding a nanny. Interviews, negotiations, time for them to get to know us and Eli. Worst part, that is another person that Eli has to get used to and feel comfortable with. On top of the fact that they have to get to know him and his quirks.

If you know of anyone that lives in the North Dallas area that wants to be a nanny to the most adorable little boy...let me know!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The real 4 months, please stand up?

Ok, two reasons why I am an idiot.
1) It is 1:30am on Sunday morning (Father's Day), and I am blogging
2) I don't know how to calculate time...meaning my son's age.

To address point #1. I have been CRAZY sick for the last 4 days. I jumped on the 'lets get a stomach bug' bandwagon, and have not got off. It started over a miserable night in New Orleans and has followed me into this weekend. I took some medicine to help me tonight, and Imodium and Dramamine seem to chemically form Ritalin...too which I can no longer sleep.

To address point #2. I previously posted in one of my blogs that I was counting Eli's age in terms of weeks. Well, I stand corrected. Eli turned four months on June 12... 'duh, Leigh'. Because, that is exactly 4 months after his birthday of February 12th. So what if the weeks don't align perfectly, who cares.

So, to make matters a little more confusing, our doctor's office sees Eli one week after his actual 'month milestone'. Our doc is really busy and got off on his first appointment, so now all of the appointments are off (because they have to be accurate for the sake of vaccinations). So, Eli's 4 month appointment was on Friday.

The appointment went great, aside from the fact that we can not go to 'well visit' and be at the office for less than two hours. (Yes, this is very frustrating for us, and has had us contemplating switching offices.) Eli was in GREAT spririts for the first HOUR of our wait. Then, with a minut shy of the doctor walking in, he started to get tired and fussy. So, of course, we spent the remainder of the apopintment all talking over Eli's cries while trying to calm him down. I don't know what questions the doc picked up from us, or how much information we retained from him. However, Eli finally fell asleep, only to be woken back up about 15 minutes later with shots! Argh, so frustrating! But, overall...the appointment went well. His stats are:

Weight: 14 lbs 2oz --> 50%
Height: 25 3/4in --> 75-90%
Head 17 cm --> 50%

I also have to add that it was right around this time, last year, that Keith and I were learning we were going to be parents! The morning of June 12th, I got my first positive pregnancy test! It was within the next week that I got the confirmation from the doctors office, and I told Keith on Father's Day weekend. :) I told him with a 'soon to be Father's Day' present and card. It is really exciting to be looking back on 'this time last year', and remember the excitment. But, it is even more wonderful to have Eli here with us. He is such an amazing gift from God, and I thank Him everyday for our blessing.

I am also thankful for my amazing husband, Keith, who is a great dad! I seriously believe that Keith has raised the bar for 'new dads'. I know that he goes above and beyond what is typical or standard for new dads to do. He loves Eli so much, and is truly great with him. He has no problem taking night shifts, day shifts, poopie shifts, or play shifts. He does it all, and so so much more. He helps with Eli and beyond...he helps around the house, and the majority of our cooking (yes, I am very lucky). So, I just wanted to make a special notation in here for the #1 dad in mine and Eli's book. Thank you Keith for being so wonderful, and Happy 1st Father's Day! You and Eli are the joys and blessings of my life, and without you, I couldn't have either!

And...of course, I have to send a special shout out and 'Happy Father's Day' to my dad! Thank you for providing me with such a wonderful childhood, since of self, and being my biggest fan that I have ever had. Love you Dad! In the game of you always telling me that I am 'the best daughter that you ever had' (cough, cough...I am his only daughter). 'You, are the best dad I have ever had'!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Hell of a day...literally

It is nearly 5pm on Monday, June 7th. And this has been a day from hell. I am hoping that it is nearly over (an early bedtime will fix that!). But, I can say that so far, we are home safe and sound, so know that while you move forward with your reading. Also, I am not saying that all events of the day carry the same emotional weight, but they have seemed to add up.

FYI. Keith left to go out of town yesterday, for Dayton. So, needless to say this was my first time to be home alone with Eli and back to work. It was pretty easy stuff when I was on maternity leave. Therefore, I was running around the house like a mad woman preparing for my work day and appointment.

1st: I go to the car, load it up with my sales stuff, beer samples, and extras things for a few errands. I am running around with my heels and realize it would be easier if I took them off, when I realized the presence of a poor dead lady bug on the bottom of my shoe. I love lady bugs! And I truly believe they bring good luck. So, what does a dead lady bug mean....exactly the opposite. It was about this time that I can't find the key to our truck. I search and search, mean while panicked about my appointment time. Finally, I borrow my moms car.

I text, call, ect...Keith to see where he put the key (he was the last one to drive the truck). After many hours of investigation he realizes it is in his pant Dayton, Ohio. Also, this key is a 'proximity key'. One that has to be programmed in order to make a new one. Yes, the vehicle must be at the dealership to do this. No truck for Leigh and Eli this week.

2nd: I arrive at my appointment a few minutes early. Have a few clutsy spills of my work stuff...but recover. Get into my appointment, just to find my buyer thought it was for tomorrow, after he clearly asked to meet me on Monday!

3rd, and the worst: I get home to continue working at my desk. It wasn't too long after I was on my computer when I heard a horrific (still gives me chills) scream from my mom. "I have fallen, Eli has hit is head!". I was panicked. I wanted to race to his rescue and throw up at the same time. Mommy mode had to kick in. I scooped him out of my mom's arms, and into mine. He was crying horribly. I immediately began examining his head to feel for pumps or cuts. Thanks, none to be found! My mom called 911 and started walking them through the situation...which was: My mom got up to take him to the nursery, only to stumble into our big lazy dog Winston. She never thought to find a big dog in her path. She went down while holding Eli. She swore that he hit his head on the tile floor, but we still aren't entirely sure (I pray it was her elbow she heard).

So, about 2 dozen EMT workers arrived at the house (ok, about 5 or 6, but felt like more). One of the nice men took him in his arms, to which Eli got very calm and quite. I really think he enjoyed having them around. He was so calm and collected! He was examined and came back clear. Myself, my mom, and all EMT's agreed he needed to go in for an examination. The question was between an ambulance or our car. PROBLEM! I didn't have the key to my truck with the car seat in it. We have his old car seat in the garage, but didn't want to mess with installing it in my mom's car during that time. So, we opted for the ambulance. They bundled Eli up tight. It was really scary to see at first, but then just looked really cute. He fell asleep on the ride over, with us watching his vitals closely. After our arrival a crowd of people examined him and couldn't find any injury or pumps. At one point I think we may have been making stuff up to be wrong. had a lot of down time, to which he did great! We lounged on the bed together and watched a little 'Hannah Montana'...he LOVES TV, and I gave in. They offered for us to go home or risk radiation exposure for a CT Scan. I hated the idea of the radiation getting to him, but couldn't stomach the idea of going home without knowing. So, they strapped him down on a huge CT Scan table that looked like something out of the movies...or Star Trek. He loved looking around the hospital but eventually a crying fit took over. A little sugar water later, and he was a happy camper! ....... So, everything came back clear! The nurse said that if the status was 'negative' that is a really good thing. Therefore we got discharged with a clean bill of health.

4th: "What?! Leigh, there can not possibly be a 4th horrible thing from your day?" Oh, yes there is...'icing on the cake'! Eli passed out in my moms arms after a bottle in the hospital bed. She had him tight while I went out to install his old car seat in her car for us to go home. She waited in the lobby while I came to pick the two up. As I arrived like the great chauffeur I am, I got out of the running car. I shut the driver door to open the back seat door where his car seat was. When...suddenly I learned that my moms car LOCKS AUTOMATICALLY! Yes, the keys were locked in the running car, with my mom, Eli, and I standing outside!! Thank God Eli was not inside! So, my mom grabbed hospital security who thankfully has a slim Jim set-up there at the hospital (I was dreading calling a lock smith!). So, they got us in the car, my mom drove us home, and here we sit.

Needless to say, this was a really awful day! I am hoping that a glass of wine and early bedtime will help resolve the series of unfortunate events, and tomorrow we can start fresh. Needless to say, I will be watching out for lady bugs.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

4 months old and already a bday party?

Ok, so the birthday party wasn't Eli's, but someone that looks like him. Ok, I am not making any since, sorry!

Eli turned '4 months' old yesterday....or more like 16 weeks. I know, I know...still confusing. Well, welcome to the world of baby ages. Eli's bday is February 12th. So, does that mean he is 4 months old on June 12th, or do you count by weeks? Because, they don't match up. Therefore, regardless of your 'terms', Eli is certainly 16 weeks old, so you can interpret that as you wish.

Now, for the birthday party? That is Eli's new friend Aidan, who he met today. See, I have made a new friend who started as a 'friend of a friend'. One day my friend showed up at our house with bags full of little boys clothes! Total stranger bestowed her REALLY cute hand me downs to that sweet or what? (So, that is what I meant about a baby that 'looks like Eli'...because they wear the same clothes, literally). So, through some contact she has become a new and great friend. She has also continued her generosity with giving Eli more clothes and awesome! So, I offered to do her son's first birthday cake. At first she wouldn't let me, so I insisted. I attached a picture.

As for the party? It was totally awesome. She rented a 'party place' that was outside and had a
water slide, zip line, barn, fire truck, ect... Only thing it didn't have was A/C. Argh! Oh, yeah...and it was 103 degrees outside today (according my car temp. reading). So, Eli was all dressed cute and hanging out...doing just fine. When the heat and his need for sleep took over (enter nightmare). Keith and I were holding him in front of huge oscillating fans, bouncing him, ect. Finally, our efforts were all for none, and he lost it. We took him to the truck, stripped him down, and tried to get him cool and put him to sleep. After a lot of effort on our part, it worked. Unfortunately, we departed early to get our naked sleeping baby home. But, it was still a good day over all. Shame, though, because the place had some really great photo opportunities.