Monday, August 10, 2009

The Heartbeat!!!

Well, I just heard the heartbeat, yay!  Ok, so this heartbeat is not to be confused with the heartbeat that we heard 2 weeks ago...that was actually mine!  Yeah, yeah...don't I feel stupid now.

When I got home from San Diego, Keith and I gave the ole' doppler a whirl.  We heard a real slow heartbeat coming through, which the doppler said was around 123.  120-160 is a normal fetal range, so really had no reason to question.  However, the fact that it was coming from the left side of my abdomen was a little odd.  I guess, I was assuming I had a little slow moving baby that was deciding to take up dock in the left side of my stomach.  ha ha.

So, today as I was changing from my work clothes to casual clothes, I stopped to admire my somewhat growing belly.  Nope..not growing with a baby bump...but just seeing fat. ewww :(  So, I get the idea 'I should use the doppler'.  Keith was still at work at this point.  So, I use the ultrasound gel and start gliding across my stomach, when I hear it! The infamous 'galloping horses' everyone says is the fetal heartbeat.  (Galloping horses is to fetal heartbeats, as freight trains are to tornadoes....get the idea).

There it little galloping horse. :)  The heart beat was so fast!  Oh, and it was also right in the center of my abdomen!  What was I thinking...seriously a 120 lub-dub chillin' out next to my intestines?  Seriously...get with it Leigh (pregnancy brain is in full swing, at this point). 

I laid there for a few moments just admiring the sound, and was thankful to have that 'moment'. So, I was just about to text Keith 'I have a surprise for you when you get home'..when he walks in the door.  I anxiously bring him near my belly and doppler and begin the search.  Mean while Keith is getting anxious because he has a strict Monday schedule to keep that consists of working out and wake boarding...all time sensitive (I understand..not being sarcastic).  So, he darts away to change...darts away to put on shoes...darts away to make a water bottle. Meanwhile, I am stead fast to find this heartbeat....when all I get is my slow 'lub-dub...lub-dub'.  Sure luck.  Keith darts out the doors for his work out....when, within seconds of the doors closing...there comes my galloping horses! 'dum-dum, dum-dum, dum-dum, dum-dum...'.  What a little stinker right?  We will give it another try when he gets back in. :) 
So, today has been a great day so far.  I am glowing from my discovery.  I feel so much better now about the pregnancy (as I have been in a constant state of worry from my lack of symptoms).  Baby G and I shared a great moment today, and somehow managed to play a trick on dad. 

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