Monday, December 28, 2009

The Holidays

Well, our white Christmas has come and gone. However, if you came to Laughing Waters Trail you could still find patches of ice in our driveway and snow in our grass. Yes, we live in the we have had the pleasure of enjoying our winter festivities for a few extra days. Although, the 'word on the street' is that we are going to get another round of snow tomorrow. No worries, though...Keith and I are both off this week, with no where to go. Additionally, we have MORE than enough cleaning to do around the house. Christmas decorations to be put up, laundry to be done, and Christmas presents/stocking stuffers to enjoy for the second time before they find a home around the house.

Our holidays were really wonderful. Of course, they were not quite the same without Debbie, but we were thankful for her gift of snow. Seriously, though...I have lived in Texas for 29 years, and never had a White Christmas. Ironically, it was Wednesday afternoon and Keith and I were driving around McKinney from a doggie play day, where we were enjoying the 75 DEGREE weather and slushies at Sonic. I commented to Keith how every Xmas I would wake up and look out the window in hopes of seeing snow, and never did. Well, it happened! It was a magical night and morning, and I didn't take a moment of it for granted. Also, Keith and I took a ton of pictures, and will be sure to show Eli pictures of his 'first white Christmas'...kind of. I did take a moment to recognize how cool it is for all of the babies that have been born to our close friends this year that were celebrating their first snowy Xmas.

Eli did have a great Christmas! He got outfits, toys, books, and tons of great things. It was so wonderful to have an extra reason to celebrate. And, Eli has such a wonderful and loving family that really cares for him! Eli got precious and thoughtful gifts from his future grandparents, aunts, and uncles. In addition to his awesome and wonderful family, his 'mom' continues to be on the 'crazy side'. Yes, I have to admit that I couldn't resist to take a ton of photos 'with Eli'. I attached the ridiculous ones to this post,for you to understand what I mean. And, 'yes' it was nearly impossible to keep a straight face during these. They include: 'the starring at my belly' shot, 'sexy belly grab shot', and 'Eli is your Christmas present' shot. I do actually think that Keith and I are going to take some professional maternity photos before the big day. So, you might actually see me eating my words later on, as I reenact the poses for real.

32 Week Appointment update: Keith and I had an appointment this morning. So, instead posting a whole new blog post, I thought I could just 'add on'. Everything with Eli seems to be going great. So, we are pretty excited, and just trying to stay optimistic that everything will stay that way.

Total weight gain: 22lbs
Belly measuring: 32 weeks (32 cm)
Position: Head down
Arrival time: no clue (just as likely he could come early or late) I guess we will see if we have a February or March baby.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Baby Brain

Really just needed to send out a 'shout out'! Ok, not really recognizing anyone, but 'shouting out' to my 'baby brain'. While, some might think this implies that I am scattered brained, forgetful, and clumsy...that is not what I mean. However, for the record, I am ALL of those things, as of lately. But, my definition of 'baby brain' that I am 100% obsessed with baby stuff and Eli!

I can't get enough of it.... I can't fill enough hours of my day with it....I am in love with baby stuff...I am in LOVE with Eli! I don't know if this is part of the 'nesting' phase, but I have not obsessively begun organizing, washing, reorganizing, washing, reoganizing his things yet. Also, I am not cleaning the grout in my kitchen with a toothbrush, yet (yes...I have heard preggos get crazy while nesting).

Maybe my big 3-0 milestone has kicked me up into a 'higher gear of readiness...or craziness'. I am so excited to see his little face, hands, and feet. I can't wait to talk to him (all the time)...and be his crazy/wacky mommy who makes stupid jokes and stupid faces at him. (Yes, anticipate me being over the top). And with this excitement, I would love to spend every waking minute in his room just 'taking it all in'.

As part of my job, I spend a day or two around the major holidays 'surveying' grocery stores. (This allows us to see what kind of execution we are getting for Sam Adams displays.) So, yesterday I spent my entire day 'in and out' of grocery stores around Dallas. And, yes, I was their to check the beer. But, just simply walking past the baby isle gave me this since of euphoria. I would glance down the isle, in passing, to admire the formula, diapers, toys, and bottles....Weird...I know!

I have found one way to supplement this obsession....Craig's List! It started out as a fairly simple search, and has escalated into an addiction. It started with the desire to find a Bumbo (because I could not justify myself/or anyone else paying full retail for it.) Slowly, this has become a hobby(problem) of mine. It is too much fun to select the 'baby' section on the Craigs List homepage and 'take it all in'. I am finding unbelievable deals, though, and slowing picking away at registry items. However, I don't feel too bad, because we still need so much stuff. But, I just need to be patient and wait until it gets closer to February to starting rounding out our list of 'must haves'. In the mean time, I will continue to click on ads and admire pictures.

So, that is ' of late' (eventhough, I just posted the other day). I just felt the need to share, for anyone else that may be going through this right now, or perhaps has in the past. Or, perhaps, you might think that I am crazy...but could have thought that for a long time now, and this just helps you further with your conclusion. :) Just wanted to pass it along...cause frankly it is hard not too, when that is all that occupies my brain.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What...? 30 weeks!?!

Yes, the big 3-0! The number is huge, I can't believe I am here. I guess when I first found out I was preggo I just assumed that 30 was basically the end. However, I am aware that I am so close to end, but it still seems so far away. Perhaps it is because we are still living in 2009, and Eli won't be born until 'well into 2010'! I know...I know, I'm being sarcastic (doesn't read real well).

Still though, I think the transition of 2009 to 2010 has given me this real false reality of having more time than I expect. Additionally, I have been scheduling my work calendar out, and I feel like I still have an eternity of work days and weeks left. Trust me, if you want life to feel like a slow crawl, just add work to the picture. However, after the holidays come and go I think I will be in for the shock of my life.

So, what is life like in the 30's? Well, my back freaking hurts! Yes! I think I need to go see a chiropractor. I have always had underlying 'issues' that have been stirred up like a bunch of hot coals on a simmering fire. Also, maternity tops and jackets are nearly a MUST at this point. I can't quite get away with my regular tops like I used to. Sleeping has also become more difficult so I have turned to my new love...'The Snoogle'. It is everything you would want a pregnancy pillow to be, and it has been so much more rewarding than I could ever have anticipated.

My progress? Well, I am visiting my midwife every two weeks, and things are progressing well. My stomach is measuring right on par with where it should be (30 cm). My weight? ugh..... yes, I hate to discuss, but I am +20lbs. They say that I am right where I should, and will most likely finish out with +25 to +32 total weight gain. Eli? Who the heck knows...ha ha! He is moving all over the place. He was breech a few weeks ago, but my midwife thinks that he is in the right place, now (he still has time to figure out how he is going to settle down). I swear that I feel kicks coming from all over my belly, so I assume that he is doing flips and turns inside. He is still kicking and moving like crazy.

Keith? He is doing good. As of this week, he got a new job!! Yay! He has been working so hard on the interview process for the last month or two, and jumped through a TON of hoops to make it through all of their tests, ect. He starts on January 4th, and we couldn't be happier. I know he will do fantastic! Also, Keith has been quite the 'teachers pet' in all of our baby classes. Keith is extremely responsive, interactive, and accurate. The teacher loves him and I think he is a wonderful-involved partner/coach! (He has also started reading to Eli at cute!)

The rest? Keith and I have been attending weekly 'birthing classes' and spent this last weekend in baby CPR. All of the classes have been very wonderful and informative. We have learned how to conduct baby cpr, how to give Eli a bath, and all of the fun little details most first time parents don't know about. In our birthing class we have been learning breathing exercises, pain distractors, and comfortable birthing positions. We are also learning all of the 'nitty gritty' of the birth process (in all of its graphic nature), and a lot of information on medicines and procedures. (Yes, I have had moments of anxiety and fear at several points during this class...perhaps it will be another post, ha ha).

Well, I guess I had more updates than I realized. Not a whole lot of pictures to include this time, but I will leave you with my latest 30 week belly shot (absent of make-up). Oh, belly button has not popped yet. I have 'the world's deepest belly button'. Keith and I have an inside bet on its eventual outcome (Keith= Pop, Leigh = Not Pop). You can bet that I will keep you updated on its progress..

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Babymoon

Yes, this is over a month past due. I really wanted to update everyone on our trip, but other posts have cut in line for various reasons. So, I will do my best to remember the highlights of the trip for the sake of story telling.
As some of you may know, we were originally planning on going to Portland, Oregon. Random, I know. However, I have miles on Southwest, so needed to stick within their 'fly area'. Additionally, we were looking to travel in the October/November time frame. Therefore, that limited us even more, because we weren't too keen on going somewhere cold. So, I selected Portland simply because I heard it was beautiful, and we had never been there before.

Well, shortly before our trip, Keith decided to end wake boarding season with some 'gnarly
tricks', and managed to break his ankle. So much so, that it required surgery the week of our trip. Canceled! Luckily, the hotel and flights were all refundable...'thank you Jesus!' Then, it was back to the drawing boards on our 'last hoo-raw destination'. Like a light bulb, my mom recommended San Francisco, BINGO! So, I booked the trip (for a 5 days vs. our only 3 in Portland) for the week of my b-day. So, the trip doubled as a celebration and last vacation pre-Eli.

It was wonderful! We stayed down by Fisherman's Wharf. Our first night was spent walking around the wharf, eating chowder out of sourdough bread bowls, and listening to squawking sea lions in the dark. The next day was my birthday, and I got to do whatever I wanted...which clearly involved eating ! :) Because we were in such a 'highly populated tourist' area, there was a ton of stuff for my stomach to choose from. Before it hit noon, I had already eaten a chocolate covered banana, candy covered apple, and strawberry crepes! After gorging myself on random stuff we took a bus tour of the city and saw 'the sights'. We completed the day with a WONDERFUL Italian dinner in Little Italy.

The next day was spent at Alcatraz in the morning, and back on our bus tour in the afternoon.
We saw different parts of the city, including the Golden Gate bridge and Sausalito. We also did a night tour that was complete with warm blankets and a cup of hot chocolate from the hubbie.

The highlight (outside of my birthday feasts) was on Thursday. At first I thought I may have
made a mistake by wishing to rent a car and drive down the coast to Carmel. However, I was WAY wrong. It was a pain to get the rental and get on the road, but it was totally worth it. Keith
and I drove down highway 1 and enjoyed the sites. We would stop along the road and take
pictures or walk onto the beaches. When we got into the Carmel area, we hit up a state park that was wonderful. We walked along hiking trails, admired more
squawking sea lions, and grabbed scenic pictures. That day concluded with a peaceful stroll around Carmel, some
shopping, and a romantic dinner next to a fire.
The trip finished with a peaceful night in the most quaint bed and breakfast that was so picturesque. It was complete
with a comfy bed and fireplace in the room. The next day, I had planned a quick route back to the airport for our flight home, but Keith opted to take the scenic route back on Hwy 1. He really enjoyed the views and casual ride. The ride back was fun, because it showed us pictures form a different view,
roadside surfing, and more wildlife.

All in all, the trip was fantastic! I can say that we
enjoyed every element of our 'babymoon', and will be satisfied with any duration of time that
goes by without taking another trip. However, I know that Keith has already been 'in talks' with Eli regarding Disney World and his first snowboarding vacation.