Thursday, July 29, 2010


Oh my goodness, Keith and I have so many things to be thankful for. God is good, and decided to bless us with some special things this week.

For starters...? Eli's first tooth has started to make its appearance! Yay! This sucker has been 'visible' under the surface of him gum nearly since birth. So, it was to great surprise that it had finally broken through on Monday night! We had, actually, become accustomed to waiting, and would joke about needing a UPS tracking number, because we wanted to call and complain. It was only during an 'extra fussy' session that a close examination showed a jagged little hard white edge on Eli's lower gum. I gotta admit, it is a pretty bizarre feeling. I know that it is natural, but, very weird. I will also admit that there are more folk lore and tall tales around teething, than any other myths in urban legends. So, Keith and I were led to believe that after the tooth is 'cut' it should be in within days...not true. Eli's first tooth has taken its time to come in, and has no since of urgency to be complete. Additionally, we know that the tooth right next to it will be making an appearance very soon, as well.
Here is the self portrait that Eli took of himself. I was attempting to take a picture of his lil' tooth coming in. But, Eli took control of the camera and starting snapping pics. Real tooth pictures to come.

Ironically, amid all of this teething, I feel like my lil' boy is growing up so fast. Perhaps it is a growth spurt or psychological game...but I feel like he has doubled in size overnight. He is ginormous in length and weight. Not to mention, his swing and bouncer appear to have shrunk into the shadow of my enormous growing son.

In addition to Eli's tooth, we have finally started to make progress in the car seat....yes, the dreaded car seat. You are all more than aware of the issues we have had here. Finally, we discovered the portable DVD player, and it has made Eli a much happier passenger on our rides. To date: he LOVES Bolt and HATES Alvin and the Chipmunks. (More kid appropriate movies are in the future, after we begin to acquire them.
I took a sneak peak at Eli in his car seat watching Bolt. Impressive!
What, Eli his car seat!?! Yes, ladies and gentlemen.
(And, 'yes', Eli gets buckled in for rides. This picture was taken just before we began our journey).

In other news. Keith had an interview with Travelers on Tuesday...and it went great! In fact, the company ended up sling shotting him past a few of the preliminary and middle interviews, and straight to the top. His interview was at 2:00 and he didn't leave until 6:00! Anyway, we really appreciate all of the prayers that have been said for Keith and our family. I will be sure to update you all on the progress.
Here is a picture from our backyard (that is not our house) of the rainbow that appeared on the day of Keith's interview! Pretty cool, huh? Hopefully that was a sign from God saying that the 'flood' is over. :)

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Mat-n-Amanda said...

Great news, and great pictures of Eli. I love the little grin in the backseat.