Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Baby Coalition

I spy something teal and blue! Give up? Ok, stop is a new customized blog background! Yep, I finally put in some man hours to learn how to customize my background...I have to say that I impressed myself. The great part? I can change it whenever I want. So, hopefully time will afford me the ability to have some fun down the road.

So, for those of you that were unaware, we had the great baby coalition in town this past week, and they met at our house. Not all babies were able to be present at one time, but their votes were cast and voices were heard.

Our best friends, Mat and Amanda, visited town this past weekend from Nashville, TN. They were friends of ours from college, that just moved out there in February. It was great to get to visit with them and talk 'baby' for a few hours. Tinsley, their daughter, is so adorable and an absolute riot. She made a ton of noises and faces, and kept us cracking up as we watched her on the monitor. Keith was trying to get Eli down for a nap, and Tinsley was trying to watch, sneakingly, from the crib as everything went down. Unfortunately, our visit with the Samuels was brief, and they are already back in their new domain.
Here is lil' Tin Tin playing some Mozart on the piano and looking like her normal cute self.
Here is Tinsley showing Eli how to take control behind the wheel.

The rest of the coalition arrived on Saturday. Keith and I already had plans to hang out with our friends Shelley and Grant on Saturday night. Then, it just seemed to work out perfectly that I got my hair done on Saturday and had the opportunity to invite my friend and hair dresser over as well. She and her hubbie were in desperate need for a night out, and have a 6mth old daughter who fits in nicely with Gavin and Eli for age. Suddenly, we had a baby club and impromtu get together.

The evening started with fajitas, margaritas, baby food, and formula (guess who ate, might be surprised). After dinner, all of the babies conferenced in the living room, and asked that the parents dismiss themselves, they seemed to be discussing some pretty heavy stuff. Shortly after we hit all of their bed times, Eli, Gavin, and Ellyette all went to sleep in separate rooms. Then, with monitors in hand, we all enjoyed the rest of the night with board games. All of the babies did great, and we discovered that Ellyette can make sleeping look like a profession. I am not ashamed to say that she evoked some sleeping jealousy from Keith and I's end. Finally, it was time for everyone to depart, and the babies did great getting up and making it into their own beds. It ended up being a fantastic night! Certainly not one that I would have imagined for myself back in college....but it was mixed with lots of cute little babies and some adult fun, as well.
Here is the group going over the minutes from their last meeting and agenda for the night. (Gavin left, Ellyette right, Eli bottom)
Here is Ellyette playing the part of Super Girl. She certainly showed those boys who was in charge.
Eli trying to impress the cute Ellyette in her adorable Paul Frank pj's. Eli, "Hey, you got tickets to the gun show? Check out these guns!"

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