Monday, July 5, 2010

The Car Ride...Dun Dun Dun...

Ok, so anyone that has read my blog before knows that Eli doesn't do 'so well' in the car. In fact, this all started on our ride home from the hospital. I assumed that it was natural for all babies to cry on their way home. I mean, just think....just days before they are nestled snug inside mommy's womb, then suddenly they are being thrown into a 'going home outfit' and strapped down in a harness. No harm no foul, Eli.

Well, this extreme hatred that started on February 13th, has not managed to disapear. It continued as he was a little newborn, continued on my 8 hour road trip down to San Antonio/6 hour trip back, and so on. Keith and I have LITERALLY tried everything that we can think of to make it better. We even upgraded Eli early to the nicest and most expensive convertable carseat on the market. (These seats are mandatory for kids that are 20lbs and one years old usually, but infants can ride in them too.) We thought the new car seat worked, and it did make things better, but no quick fix. We are currently looking to a small dvd player for him to be distracted with.

It is unfortunate to say, but we don't take Eli a whole ton of places for this reason. If there is an opportunity for Keith and I to go somewhere together, or have one of us run a quick errand....we usually go the solo route. However, ocassionally we get a wild hair to run out as a family or have to be somewhere, and it is at this time that we remember why we don't do it more often.

So...with all of that being said, I really hate to throw my lil' man under the bus. However, I feel like it is really necessary for you to all understand just how extreme this hatred runs. Also, no need to call CPS, either. Our car had cold AC running, and I did my typical 'offering' of toys, blankets, pacifiers, and so forth to help him out. Just like all other car trips, it was with no success that these things worked. But, is a video of Eli in the car. This was just a few miles from the house (after he took a 2 hour nap prior and had a whole bottle....just sayin').

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Mat-n-Amanda said...

Oh man, that stinks. I can't really offer any advice. Tinsley is kind of hit or miss with car rides. Maybe just take him on little rides more often?? We try to get out once a day, so she's pretty used to her car seat. Also, when we're travelling as a family, one of us still rides in the backseat with her. Good luck.