Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

Eli was not really in a 'partying' mood, so we laid low for his sake. Given the ear infection and teething, Eli has been in fussy spirits since Thursday. He is getting better, but requiring a lot of sleep and medicine.....and patience. His tooth is yet to come in, but so so close. We are ready for it to be here, and stop causing our little man discomfort.

Well, fortunate for us, the weather matched the spirits in the house, so there was no pressure to get outside (rained all Friday and Saturday). Therefore Friday and Saturday were spent around the house. Then, on Sunday we had made impromptu plans to go on a picnic with Eli's best friend, Gavin. However, Eli was not feeling good and needed some more rest. So our outside picnic turned into an indoor picnic at the house. We ate Jimmy Johns and made margaritas and cotton candy...'Happy 4th of July!'. The boys played with toys, swung in swings, jumped in bouncers, and took naps.
Finally, Eli's attitude improved around the time we were catching cabin fever, so we ventured out to the pool. However, we never actually got in the water (because it was a little chilly from the rain). Instead we hung out by the pool and yard. After spending a few hours taking pictures and watching the dogs act crazy, it was time for the boys to go to sleep. Clearly they thought it would be a better idea to shoot off some of the fireworks they bought (no, we didn't actually have fireworks). They were not buying into our whole 'go to sleep' thing. So, us 'rents' had to make one of those parental decisions to end the evening early, because things would not be very pleasant if these boys didn't get their beauty rest. We all headed home around 9, and Eli proceeded to SCREAM in hysterics for the entire 25 minutes it took to get home. I did what I could to calm him down, but he didn't care about my efforts. I just thought it was so funny to see all of the people lining the streets in their lawn chairs ready to watch the fireworks show, and little did they know we had a hysterical screaming baby driving by in the car in front of them. What a different world we were in, just a few feet away. But, on the flip side, he passed out the minute we walked into his nursery, and slept great last night. So, no fireworks for us or Eli this 4th of July, if you don't count the few we saw at a distance on our car ride home with the soundtrack of Eli's screams.

Despite our 'lack luster' 1st 4th of July with Eli, I couldn't be more excited about all of the 4th of July's to come. I can't wait to share the excitement of BBQ's, firework shows, swimming, and patriotic activities with him. I can't wait for the boys to have their first "Dad and Eli" trip to the fireworks stand, or pick up hot dogs and stuff at the store for an outdoor BBQ, or anxiously wait for the sun sets for the fireworks to go off. Needless to say, we have so much to be thankful for now and in the future.

Here are some of our pictures of the day. Also, I must make a note. My mom got Eli this really cute little onesie, and put his name on it. Yes, it is a little big...ok, a lot big. But, I wasn't going to pass up on the opportunity for his to wear it for his first 4th. Also, he had shorts to go with it...but those were forgotten mid way through the day after a few naps.


Mat-n-Amanda said...

Did he lose all of the gorgeous hair he had on top of his head?? He kinda looks like a really cute version of my bald Uncle Hal.

Leigh Gable said...

Nope, he has still got his hair :). But, it is pretty light (kind of a strawberry blonde)...but most people think it is full out red. But, I don't think it is has obvious in the sun.