Thursday, July 15, 2010

No freaking way....God's precision

Ok, the warning is that this post might be long....and it isn't about Eli. However, it is totally worth the read, because you will never believe our last 24 hours.

So, the bad news. Keith was let go of his new job on July 3rd. We haven't been very vocal about the situation, because it hasn't been very pleasant to deal with. The good news is that Keith wasn't happy there anyway. I think he would have liked to have left, but felt the pressure to stick around. Also, Keith and I couldn't really even think about our future, because there were too many variables that were unknown (available territory for him, timing, salary, ect...). So, Keith has been aggressively looking for new jobs. He has wanted to get on at Travelers Insurance for about the last 2-3 years (he was offered a position there in 2007, and has since regretted turning it down). Or, he is looking at getting into a corporation in the oil industry at one of two companies.

Now the 24 hours begin (now that you know the back story). I had an appointment with Costco yesterday morning, and a flight out to New Orleans at 7:30 last night. I get a call around noon from Keith saying he had just heard about a Travelers job fair that invitation only. Our neighbor, Chuck, told him about it, unbeknown est of Keith's lay off. Keith goes to the job fair while I am driving the airport. He calls me after it is over with some great news. He went in with some referral names and asked to speak with certain people. Those people were not around, but a really nice woman named Melissa spoke with Keith for about 20 minutes. She knew Chuck, and was a good working friend of his, and they both came from Louisiana. Melissa told Keith she was passing him on to the next round, and he was a good candidate....yay!

Meanwhile, I arrive at the airport around 5pm....ugh, yes, for a 7:35 flight (wanted to avoid rush hour). So, I try to get on a 6:10 flight, but no cigar (I paid so little for my ticket, that I would have to pay $120 for the 6:10). Looks like I was gonna wait and just sit at Chili's. A few margaritas, dinner, and few random conversations was about time for my flight. Luckily I was A19 so got on pretty quick. Also, all of the seats in the front row were open...yee haw! I sit next to the window, call Keith, and start to settle in before the flight. Around the time I am hanging up the phone, a woman in a Travelers polo boards the plane and sits in the seat next to me on the front row. Instantly I get really excited. Now, I have an opportunity to talk to someone at Travelers about Keith...when I start doing the math. As the rest of the plane boards, I ask this woman her name...even though, I know the answer! Yes, it is Melissa! I proceed to tell her that I am Keith's wife....ect, ect! We spend the rest of the flight talking about Travelers, Keith, our families, the beer industry, ect, ect. It also helped that I had a ton of drink coupons and was able to get us each two rounds of drinks while we were chatting.

(Oh, side note. There was a flight attendant on the plane named Lily. She was the biggest B-IA that I have ever seen employed at Southwest. I can't derail to explain, but a complaint call has already been placed...and a follow-up complaint email will, as well. Ticks me off thinking about it.)

So...the flight goes, we land, and she and I are still in disbelief about the circumstances. Both she and I call Chuck to tell him the story. Since last night, I have found out, that Melissa has asked to personally handle Keith's next step of the interview process. Additionally, it sounds like he is a really good candidate in their system, and there will be some extra efforts made on his behalf. So cool! more tid bit. It was only after I landed that I discovered my boss canceled on his trip to LA, and I actually didn't even have to be there last night, after all (could have flown in and out today). Clearly, meant to be.

My trip in New Orleans was uneventful and what it was. I had a 3:30 flight out this afternoon. I bought a book and boarded the plane. Well, wouldn't you guess my EXACT same seat is available on the plane. Duh, of course I am going to take it! I jokingly start playing out scenarios of who will be sitting next to me. Unfortunately, in Melissa's seat was a really grumpy business traveler. Didn't care to talk or allow the middle seat between us get taken. So, you can imagine how unhappy he was when a very large man sat between us. Yes, guy was probably 275-300lbs, 6ft 2in + tall. Mr. Grumpy was visibly distressed. Well, my mind starts racing and the pressure to strike up a conversations becomes very overwhelming. I can't deny that fate has its place, and I need to say something. It was about an hour into the flight that I finally struck up a conversation with Mr. Big. I asked him what he did, and he says I do 'Right of Way' in the oil industry......Ummmm, the EXACT position that Keith is applying for! Not only that...but happens to be at one of the companies that Keith is trying to interview for. Oh, and Mr. Big just came from the OTHER company that Keith is trying to get on with. AND....Mr. Big (and his wife) both know Keith's dad. In fact, Mr. Big's wife is good friends with Will. CRAZY! So, we spend the rest of the flight chatting about positions, people, ect. It isn't quite the straight line to a job offer, but still a pretty neat situation.

So..what do you think, cool story, huh? Thanks for sticking with me. Just to recap you on the events of the day. 1st: Our neighbor calls Keith to tell him about a job fair, when he doesn't even know Keith is looking. 2nd: Keith talks with a woman named Melissa who sits right next to me on my plane ride to New Orleans....a flight that I later realized I didn't need to be on. 3rd: I fly back and sit next to another life line for a job in the oil industry, and a friend of Keith's dad.

The moral of the story is that God is good. It is amazing how deliberate, precise, and in control he really is. After a 24 hours like this, it couldn't me more obvious. This was his way of saying "I am driving this car....and we will get there when we get there. Don't worry about where we are going, but just sit back and enjoy the ride".


Andy & Kaysey said...

God is so good!

TheSamuelFamily said...

I love it! So awesome! Your story gave me goose bumps! Tell Keith good luck for me!

Terra said...

Amazing story, Leigh. Probably made you sigh one big sigh of relief knowing that somewhere in this crazy world, there is a plan already mapped out for us, no matter the twists and turns. Glad to hear Keith has some opportunities!

KRiSTiN said...

Oh my GOSH!! That is all so WILD!! I am sending millions of good vibes and wishes to you guys so Keith can get a job he loves and can be happy at.