Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Time Has Come

Well, after a few days of uncharacteristic Eli hanging out at the house, we took him to the doctor......and we found out that Eli is not only teething, but he also has an awful inner ear infection! Poor little guy!

Yep, yep. This is our first experience of having a sick little boy. We realized that something was up after he was not sleeping well, hardly eating anything, and being extra fussy. I guessed he was teething, but the nurses (per a phone call) discounted that theory because of his age. I am not kidding when I say that we were actually able to see teeth under his gums since he was a few weeks old. However, now, you can feel them under the surface. I was saying. The doctor concluded that he was cutting teeth. This is all on top of a random ear infection. I have no clue where an ear infection came from. But, she said that they are more common in boys.....especially under the age of 1. I questioned all of the baths that I had been giving him (thinking water got in his ears), but she said that was not it.

The doctor gave us a prescription for amoxilicin (to be given for 10 days). Additionally, she gave us a medicine that goes in the ear and will provide pain relief (we can also apply this to the gums, as well). In addition to the prescriptions we can use Tylenol and teething remedies. We were also told that it would be best for him to be sitting up, as babies with ear infections have a hard time be comfortable laying down. We were also told that it is going to be a rough next couple of nights (on top of the already rough past two nights).

I will keep you updated on the lil' guys health update. But, thankfully we didn't have big plans for Eli's first 4th of July. Going to be sticking around DFDub laying low, with a hopeful BBQ. No worries if the fun 'doesn't make' is all about making Eli feel as good as we can.

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KRiSTiN said...

Oh no!! Ear infections are the worst. And teething is no fun either. Poor little nugget!!

I feel bad for not being able to get with you a couple weeks ago. My friend was going through some seriously heavy stuff. :( I can come get the breast pump some other time, though. Sorry!!