Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August has arrived!

So, what does the month of August hold, outside of 100 degree temperatures? A lot. August 12th officially marks Eli's first half birthday! Yes, Eli will be 6 months old! Which means, on August 13th, he will officially be closer to one year old, than being a newborn. Quite the 'hump day', huh? It is a lot to take in, and probably still registering in my brain. There are days that I feel like he is still a little newborn, but then there are days where I feel like he is such a big boy...pretty crazy. Perhaps, until we are celebrating his first birthday, it won't really process.

What else does August hold? A ton of trips for mommy. Today I am leaving for San Diego. I think it will be a fun trip (for a work function, anyway), but it will be the longest I have ever been away from Eli...which will be for 4 days/3 nights. I head out to Vail, CO from the 16th-20th (which is 5 days/4 nights). Then, I have one overnighter to Galveston, and a day trip to Vegas. Quite the travel heavy calendar this month... I miss Eli already! Well, I am just praying for the best, and looking forward to September.

With all of my travels, I am already preparing for Keith to take Eli to his first doctors appointment without mom....he is flying solo. I am not worried at all, because he is more than capable of handling the lil guy while I am gone. But, I am kind of sad to miss his big 6 month appointment, but glad that I have a legit excuse to miss his vaccinations (they break my heart).

So, what is Eli up to prior to his big milestone?
- weighing in at 15 1/2 lbs
- rolling over both ways, a lot
- saying 'mama' and 'gaga' and making little 'buzzing/tooting noises with his mouth' (he LOVES to do this when he is bored or taking a nap with mom and dad)
- Eli loves to give kisses! Mom, dad, friends, family, Winston and Dottie (and pulls Lucy's fur)
- he is laughing up a storm. This is usually provoked by 'Daddy-Eli' play time, but I know how to get him to laugh too. I can usually get the giggles going from funny noises or big kisses on his belly. Also, last night I was laughing hysterically at a TV show (to the point of tears), and Eli, who was sitting next to me, turned around and watched me in amazement with a huge grin. He was in awe of me with a huge toothless smile, and then began laughing along side of me. :) (Oh, this is seriously, one of my most favorite moments so far)
- he continues to love to stand and pull himself up, holding o
ur hands, but no crawling motions, yet. Also, still in the process of sitting solo.
- LOVES soft blankets and textures, and will bury his face and body into them to feel them against his skin.
- Eli's first little bottom tooth is still coming in, very slowly
- and his personality grows bigger and bigger everyday as he expresses his likes and dislikes around the house, as he asks us to move him from one activity to the next.
- sleeping? Not so great. He continues to wake up a few times in the night, after demanding that we 'bounce' him to sleep. Keith and I just can't bring ourselves to 'cry it out', despite hearing its success rate. We know he will sleep soundly through the night, eventually. :)
This is Keith's literal interpretation of 'Eli liking soft things'. Pretty much every time I turn around, Keith has got Eli in a really funny outfit, new play position, or something else really funny. I am pretty sure that he is enjoying the liberties of being a dad to a little boy. :)

A closer look at 'blanket head'

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