Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Honeymooners

So, today I was in Ross and picked up a swarm of great books for a great price. Books are one of my weak points. I want to get as many as I can and create a mega library. Actually, what am I saying? Anything for Eli is a weak point. I want to live and breathe baby stuff. The idea of 'nesting' never went away after delivery. I am a perma-nester. Just driving by a Babies R Us can put me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Anyway, I got this great book by Gymboree called 'Play & Learn, 1001 fun activities for your baby and child'. It basically is an activity guide for you and your baby from 0-30 months of age. Some of the concepts are simple and some are creative. Although, a lot seem like 'no brainers', but fall in the 'I wouldn't have thought to do that' category. So, I was reading the '3 month section. And, it says, "From three to six months is sometimes called the honeymoon period. It's a time of glorious smiles, belly laughs, exploring hands, and joyfully kicking feet. Many babies this age learn to sit....". So, I am here to say, 'I couldn't agree more!!'. Granted, I don't know what life after this is going to be like, but I LOVE 4 months! It is so wonderful. Eli smiles and laughs all the time, as well as kicks, plays, and mouths everything. On top of that, he squeaks squeals, and has just started to babble. That's of yesterday Eli gave us a 'mamama' a few times (nothing today, but twice yesterday.) He is such a delight, and I have constantly thought to myself 'man, 4 months old is a really magical time'. Our Lamaze teacher had mentioned something about a 'light switch' going off around 3 months. Well, if 3 months is a light switch, then 4 months is a sunrise. I can tell that he is on the horizon of learning a world of new things, and it could not be more exciting.

So, as for a quick update. Yes, Eli is at the edge of his babbling phase, and we think perhaps teething. To our experience, he has actually had little teeth buds in sight since birth, but now we can feel a raised area along his lower gum. The last few days he has been really fussy and restless, in addition to running a slightly higher temperature than normal. So, we suspect his little tooth could be coming in, finally. But, I will be sure to keep you updated with pictures and such, when hopefully become validated.

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