Saturday, June 5, 2010

4 months old and already a bday party?

Ok, so the birthday party wasn't Eli's, but someone that looks like him. Ok, I am not making any since, sorry!

Eli turned '4 months' old yesterday....or more like 16 weeks. I know, I know...still confusing. Well, welcome to the world of baby ages. Eli's bday is February 12th. So, does that mean he is 4 months old on June 12th, or do you count by weeks? Because, they don't match up. Therefore, regardless of your 'terms', Eli is certainly 16 weeks old, so you can interpret that as you wish.

Now, for the birthday party? That is Eli's new friend Aidan, who he met today. See, I have made a new friend who started as a 'friend of a friend'. One day my friend showed up at our house with bags full of little boys clothes! Total stranger bestowed her REALLY cute hand me downs to that sweet or what? (So, that is what I meant about a baby that 'looks like Eli'...because they wear the same clothes, literally). So, through some contact she has become a new and great friend. She has also continued her generosity with giving Eli more clothes and awesome! So, I offered to do her son's first birthday cake. At first she wouldn't let me, so I insisted. I attached a picture.

As for the party? It was totally awesome. She rented a 'party place' that was outside and had a
water slide, zip line, barn, fire truck, ect... Only thing it didn't have was A/C. Argh! Oh, yeah...and it was 103 degrees outside today (according my car temp. reading). So, Eli was all dressed cute and hanging out...doing just fine. When the heat and his need for sleep took over (enter nightmare). Keith and I were holding him in front of huge oscillating fans, bouncing him, ect. Finally, our efforts were all for none, and he lost it. We took him to the truck, stripped him down, and tried to get him cool and put him to sleep. After a lot of effort on our part, it worked. Unfortunately, we departed early to get our naked sleeping baby home. But, it was still a good day over all. Shame, though, because the place had some really great photo opportunities.

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Mat-n-Amanda said...

I love that cake!! It will probably kill my mother in law, but I really want you to do Tinsley's first birthday cake. We are planning on being there for Thanksgiving, and we're planning her first b-day while we're there.