Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nanny Drama...

Just so everyone knows, we are back in the market for another nanny! Yes, this will be nanny #3. Oh, and I know what you are thinking....'yes, I have only been back at work since May'. Nanny #1 (who we were looking to replace, anyway) got engaged and is moving to Alaska the beginning of August. So, she recommended another girl as a replacement. The replacement, Kaylie, is awesome! We love her so much and she is wonderful with Eli! Only catch? Her husband just got a teaching gig in Corsicana, and will be moving at the end of July. So, we are back on the market for nannies.

Good news: We know what we are looking for now, and can spot the good and bad. Bad news: It is a lot of work finding a nanny. Interviews, negotiations, time for them to get to know us and Eli. Worst part, that is another person that Eli has to get used to and feel comfortable with. On top of the fact that they have to get to know him and his quirks.

If you know of anyone that lives in the North Dallas area that wants to be a nanny to the most adorable little boy...let me know!

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