Saturday, June 19, 2010

The real 4 months, please stand up?

Ok, two reasons why I am an idiot.
1) It is 1:30am on Sunday morning (Father's Day), and I am blogging
2) I don't know how to calculate time...meaning my son's age.

To address point #1. I have been CRAZY sick for the last 4 days. I jumped on the 'lets get a stomach bug' bandwagon, and have not got off. It started over a miserable night in New Orleans and has followed me into this weekend. I took some medicine to help me tonight, and Imodium and Dramamine seem to chemically form Ritalin...too which I can no longer sleep.

To address point #2. I previously posted in one of my blogs that I was counting Eli's age in terms of weeks. Well, I stand corrected. Eli turned four months on June 12... 'duh, Leigh'. Because, that is exactly 4 months after his birthday of February 12th. So what if the weeks don't align perfectly, who cares.

So, to make matters a little more confusing, our doctor's office sees Eli one week after his actual 'month milestone'. Our doc is really busy and got off on his first appointment, so now all of the appointments are off (because they have to be accurate for the sake of vaccinations). So, Eli's 4 month appointment was on Friday.

The appointment went great, aside from the fact that we can not go to 'well visit' and be at the office for less than two hours. (Yes, this is very frustrating for us, and has had us contemplating switching offices.) Eli was in GREAT spririts for the first HOUR of our wait. Then, with a minut shy of the doctor walking in, he started to get tired and fussy. So, of course, we spent the remainder of the apopintment all talking over Eli's cries while trying to calm him down. I don't know what questions the doc picked up from us, or how much information we retained from him. However, Eli finally fell asleep, only to be woken back up about 15 minutes later with shots! Argh, so frustrating! But, overall...the appointment went well. His stats are:

Weight: 14 lbs 2oz --> 50%
Height: 25 3/4in --> 75-90%
Head 17 cm --> 50%

I also have to add that it was right around this time, last year, that Keith and I were learning we were going to be parents! The morning of June 12th, I got my first positive pregnancy test! It was within the next week that I got the confirmation from the doctors office, and I told Keith on Father's Day weekend. :) I told him with a 'soon to be Father's Day' present and card. It is really exciting to be looking back on 'this time last year', and remember the excitment. But, it is even more wonderful to have Eli here with us. He is such an amazing gift from God, and I thank Him everyday for our blessing.

I am also thankful for my amazing husband, Keith, who is a great dad! I seriously believe that Keith has raised the bar for 'new dads'. I know that he goes above and beyond what is typical or standard for new dads to do. He loves Eli so much, and is truly great with him. He has no problem taking night shifts, day shifts, poopie shifts, or play shifts. He does it all, and so so much more. He helps with Eli and beyond...he helps around the house, and the majority of our cooking (yes, I am very lucky). So, I just wanted to make a special notation in here for the #1 dad in mine and Eli's book. Thank you Keith for being so wonderful, and Happy 1st Father's Day! You and Eli are the joys and blessings of my life, and without you, I couldn't have either!

And...of course, I have to send a special shout out and 'Happy Father's Day' to my dad! Thank you for providing me with such a wonderful childhood, since of self, and being my biggest fan that I have ever had. Love you Dad! In the game of you always telling me that I am 'the best daughter that you ever had' (cough, cough...I am his only daughter). 'You, are the best dad I have ever had'!

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KRiSTiN said...

LOL. The first line cracked me up. You are too funny.