Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Picture Post

Well, I just have to do it. Keith and I have snapped some really cute pictures of Eli lately, and I would love the opportunity to showcase them. Not to mention, my last couple of posts have been picture I have some catching up to do. Enjoy!
Here is a shot from our bath time. This is a nightly ritual that kicks off our 'whined down before bed'. This is something the Eli and I both love a TON. We have so much fun splashing and playing....oh yeah, and cleaning.
Who couldn't love this face? Just such a sweet and precious little boy!
Eli has always been VERY expressive, and given us some of the funniest shots. And so, they continue with these two. Funny stuff.
Oh my gosh, this is one of my favorites, because it says so much to me. Winston was giving Eli kisses, and they were hanging out together (Eli now reaches out and pets Winston, Dottie, and Lucy). Well, while Winston was giving Eli kisses, Eli decided to reciprocate....see, that is how Eli 'kisses' opening his mouth. So, I just think this picture is precious, because Eli is trying to give Winston a kiss.
Just one of his sweet smiles. Seriously, Eli smiles and laughs ALL the time now. It is hard to stop him from flashing a big toothless grin. Although, they have always been tough to catch on camera, because once he knows we are filming, Eli gives us 'Blue Steel'.
Pretty obvious to say that these pictures are from the pool. :) Just some cute stuff.

This is a picture of Eli's new 'sippy cup'. Keith went to the store to pick up new 'level 3' nipples for Eli's bottles, and had to buy this totally cool little sippy cup. We don't use it a whole lot, but he is really good at using it. He is always trying to hold his bottles up on his own, so I think he will enjoy the independence of this bad boy.
This is Eli's awesome 'jumper/walker' toy that looks like a GT. It plays music and lights up inside, and Eli is quite the fan.

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Mat-n-Amanda said...

Great pictures! I am starting to see a little more of you in him. Granted, he is still Keith's "mini-me" but I see a smidge of you.