Monday, June 7, 2010

Hell of a day...literally

It is nearly 5pm on Monday, June 7th. And this has been a day from hell. I am hoping that it is nearly over (an early bedtime will fix that!). But, I can say that so far, we are home safe and sound, so know that while you move forward with your reading. Also, I am not saying that all events of the day carry the same emotional weight, but they have seemed to add up.

FYI. Keith left to go out of town yesterday, for Dayton. So, needless to say this was my first time to be home alone with Eli and back to work. It was pretty easy stuff when I was on maternity leave. Therefore, I was running around the house like a mad woman preparing for my work day and appointment.

1st: I go to the car, load it up with my sales stuff, beer samples, and extras things for a few errands. I am running around with my heels and realize it would be easier if I took them off, when I realized the presence of a poor dead lady bug on the bottom of my shoe. I love lady bugs! And I truly believe they bring good luck. So, what does a dead lady bug mean....exactly the opposite. It was about this time that I can't find the key to our truck. I search and search, mean while panicked about my appointment time. Finally, I borrow my moms car.

I text, call, ect...Keith to see where he put the key (he was the last one to drive the truck). After many hours of investigation he realizes it is in his pant Dayton, Ohio. Also, this key is a 'proximity key'. One that has to be programmed in order to make a new one. Yes, the vehicle must be at the dealership to do this. No truck for Leigh and Eli this week.

2nd: I arrive at my appointment a few minutes early. Have a few clutsy spills of my work stuff...but recover. Get into my appointment, just to find my buyer thought it was for tomorrow, after he clearly asked to meet me on Monday!

3rd, and the worst: I get home to continue working at my desk. It wasn't too long after I was on my computer when I heard a horrific (still gives me chills) scream from my mom. "I have fallen, Eli has hit is head!". I was panicked. I wanted to race to his rescue and throw up at the same time. Mommy mode had to kick in. I scooped him out of my mom's arms, and into mine. He was crying horribly. I immediately began examining his head to feel for pumps or cuts. Thanks, none to be found! My mom called 911 and started walking them through the situation...which was: My mom got up to take him to the nursery, only to stumble into our big lazy dog Winston. She never thought to find a big dog in her path. She went down while holding Eli. She swore that he hit his head on the tile floor, but we still aren't entirely sure (I pray it was her elbow she heard).

So, about 2 dozen EMT workers arrived at the house (ok, about 5 or 6, but felt like more). One of the nice men took him in his arms, to which Eli got very calm and quite. I really think he enjoyed having them around. He was so calm and collected! He was examined and came back clear. Myself, my mom, and all EMT's agreed he needed to go in for an examination. The question was between an ambulance or our car. PROBLEM! I didn't have the key to my truck with the car seat in it. We have his old car seat in the garage, but didn't want to mess with installing it in my mom's car during that time. So, we opted for the ambulance. They bundled Eli up tight. It was really scary to see at first, but then just looked really cute. He fell asleep on the ride over, with us watching his vitals closely. After our arrival a crowd of people examined him and couldn't find any injury or pumps. At one point I think we may have been making stuff up to be wrong. had a lot of down time, to which he did great! We lounged on the bed together and watched a little 'Hannah Montana'...he LOVES TV, and I gave in. They offered for us to go home or risk radiation exposure for a CT Scan. I hated the idea of the radiation getting to him, but couldn't stomach the idea of going home without knowing. So, they strapped him down on a huge CT Scan table that looked like something out of the movies...or Star Trek. He loved looking around the hospital but eventually a crying fit took over. A little sugar water later, and he was a happy camper! ....... So, everything came back clear! The nurse said that if the status was 'negative' that is a really good thing. Therefore we got discharged with a clean bill of health.

4th: "What?! Leigh, there can not possibly be a 4th horrible thing from your day?" Oh, yes there is...'icing on the cake'! Eli passed out in my moms arms after a bottle in the hospital bed. She had him tight while I went out to install his old car seat in her car for us to go home. She waited in the lobby while I came to pick the two up. As I arrived like the great chauffeur I am, I got out of the running car. I shut the driver door to open the back seat door where his car seat was. When...suddenly I learned that my moms car LOCKS AUTOMATICALLY! Yes, the keys were locked in the running car, with my mom, Eli, and I standing outside!! Thank God Eli was not inside! So, my mom grabbed hospital security who thankfully has a slim Jim set-up there at the hospital (I was dreading calling a lock smith!). So, they got us in the car, my mom drove us home, and here we sit.

Needless to say, this was a really awful day! I am hoping that a glass of wine and early bedtime will help resolve the series of unfortunate events, and tomorrow we can start fresh. Needless to say, I will be watching out for lady bugs.


Mat-n-Amanda said...

I hope he slept well at least. Sorry the day was so miserable. It could have gotten so much worse if he really hurt himself.

Leigh Gable said...

I know! That was the BEST part of yesterday...that he was ok. I keep reliving the experience over and over again...awful. :(

He slept GREAT last ever! Poor little guy.

Katie said...

holy. cow. i would've been a WRECK!!! so glad all's okay, hopefully your nerves have calmed back down!!!