Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day and Milestones

Today was Eli's 'First Memorial Day'....and mommy and daddy's first three day weekend, woo hoo! We decided that today would be the mark the our first 'official' day to get in the pool, as well.

We actually made the most of the weekend, over all. Keith and I went on our first 'day date' on Saturday. My mom came over and watched Eli from 9am until 1pm while Keith and I ran to the lake. It was a pretty quick trip over all. But, it was just enough of a dose of 'lake' that you would want for Memorial Day weekend. We each took a few rounds at wake boarding, and then stopped. Partly due to our bodies needing a little bit more rest than usual, and of course the typical 'annoying rowdy' lake rats that make their appearance on the holidays. A lot of people that are not considerate of wake boarders,
basically. We, also, managed to get in one last round of ice cream - Cold Stone's Oreo Filling.. (diet start tomorrow, June 1st....ugh!). We will eventually go on our first 'date date', but that just hasn't managed to happen, yet.

The rest of the weekend was filled hanging out with various friends and family, which made for a very enjoyable and relaxing way to spend the three days.

Now, what you are waiting for....the verdict on the pool? I think it was a hit! After a late start this morning and a trip to the store, we were finally on our way to Nanny's house. Of course, this is after we picked up Eli's 'partner in crime', Gavin (oh, and his parents, too). The weather couldn't have been better, and the pool was a perfect temperature. Not to mention, Eli ate and managed to squeeze in a two hour nap before the inauguration of the pool. With his swim outfit on (way too big for him), we got into the pool. (The funniest part about on introductory dip. In a salute to the troops the radio station we were listening to, happened to be playing a patriotic song. So, literally, as Eli and I are slowly taking
our steps into the water, you can hear Ray Charles singing 'America ....Ahhh, Amer-i-ca...God shed his grace on thee....'. It was just a funny moment). Also, Eli's proud papa had the camera ready and was clicking away, pictures attached. Overall, it went great. He swam with me, Keith, and even sat in his little pool toy. I suppose we were in the pool for a good 30 minutes (maybe even 45), when he decided he had enough. After a quick wardrobe change and about 15 minutes of a good cry session, he finally got over the drama of the event. Keith and I are looking forward to many more pool play dates over the summer, and expect that Eli will continue to look forward to them, too.

I must also add in a 'snap' to Eli for his first rolling over experience. A little over a week ago Eli
rolled himself over from tummy to back. He had come close in the past, but this was his first solo flight. This past week he has even come close to rolling from back to tummy, but has since been satisfied with his accomplishments and stopped trying. Eli is also a big fan of 'standing' with assistance, and is in LOVE with the 'magic box'. Keith and I have taken a stance of 'no TV'
for him. However, there have been a few 5 or 10 minutes spells when we need the distraction. I am pretty sure he is now living for these

Life in the 'G' house is going good. Eli is growing just as fast as my mom friends said he would. He is a joy to be around, and keeps us on our toes. We will check back with you later.

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