Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall is in the air!

Oh, fall is in the air! Ok, so September 1st doesn't exactly scream 'fall!', but it does in my book. Anyone that knows me, knows that I love everything about the year after August. The temperatures FINALLY start to get a little cooler and allows us Texans to appreicate the outdoors a bit more. Also, Halloween is right around the corner. Keith and I have got Eli's costume narrowed down to one of two things. Part of me would love to do both, but that doesn't make since to have 'two first costumes' in your life (but, if your my kind of makes since). Keith and I are busy planning our annual Halloween bash and thinking up fun Fall/Halloween-Eli activities! Yes, I will hopefully be posting pumpkin patch pictures in a month!

So, what all has been going on? Well, I took two more trips last week (Galveston/Houston, Las Vegas). And, I am home for another week before I have to go anywhere. We have a busy schedule planned for this Labor Day weekend, full of weddings, friends, and a bible study group social.

What does Eli have going on? Well, while I was in Vegas, he was particularly fussy for our nanny, so she and my mom took him to the doctor. It was confirmed that he is teething again, and getting his top two teeth! Oh, and his bottom two are more prominent than ever. In fact, I dreamt last night that Eli has an entire mouth full of teeth...won't be long. ha ha.

We also discovered that Eli is in LOVE with Sesame Street! He is infatuated, and I have never seen him more engaged with a show before. He is getting really good at eating his baby food, and really enjoys grabbing the spoon to assist in feeding himself. He really likes to be involved and in control of the process. Oh, my gosh...he is also pulling himself up on things ALL THE TIME. He has a few toys that he knows that he can get himself up on, and gets in 'go mode' the minute he sees them. Once up, he will sometimes try to walk forward, but often will just stand there and enjoy his new height advantaged surroundings. Naturally, we have to be close by, in order to keep him and the toy stable. I will be sure to post a video, soon.

Needless to say, every day is a new adventure and gets better and better. He is so funny and engaging, and I couldn't be happier with life right now. I have been looking back on his 'pre 6 month' baby pictures, and I just can't get over the changes. On the one hand I feel like he looks like a totally different baby, but still resembles himself, of course. I just can't believe how big he has gotten and how much he has grown. I am starting to realize how fast time is flying, and aware of all of the advice those other moms have for you about, "enjoying this time, because time flies."

Here are some more cute pictures from Eli's photo shoot that we just got.


Mat-n-Amanda said...

Love the new background. I'm ready for a Leigh-customized background if/whenever you are!!

Leigh Gable said...

Thanks! I'm doing a lot of travel over the next couple of weeks, but when I get the down time, I will send something over.