Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vacation in our future....?

Ok, I'll kill the suspense, 'No' family vacation in the near future. ha ha. I just felt the need to post that, as I just had the pleasure of reading two good friends blogs who just posted up some great vacation photos. Where did the two go....Florida and New Mexico, not too shabby! Great photos of the families and babies.....glad you guys had fun!

The G family has still got a little bit more time before we take off on a family vac-cay...and I something tells me that is probably the best thing for us, at this time. Me? I am off to Denver, CO next week to experience 'The Great American Beer Festival'. This will be might first time to attend, so I will be sure to let you guys know about the experiences. But, I imagine that it is probably not the best 'family friendly' environment.

I can say that Eli will be turning '7 months old' on Sunday. Thankfully for us it is not marked with a doctors appointment or vaccinations! What is our little guy up to? Well, still teething, still pulling up on things, a lot. Also, his likes have become dislikes and dislikes have become likes. It amazes me just how much he changes every day. Physically he is gynormous, and doesn't resemble is former self. Additionally, his personality is more vibrant than ever, as he so helpfully lets you know when he is unhappy, wants to be picked up, or could enjoy a good laugh at the dogs. I can see that we are approaching the 'one year' mark faster than I could have imagined.

What shall I leave you with today? A lovely video of our little guy laughing at his brother and sister.

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Mat-n-Amanda said...

I saw Octoberfest in Kroger yesterday and thought of you. I got really excited when I saw it but held back from buying it. I felt very weird about buying beer before 8:30am. I think your first family vay-cay should be to TN!! Fall is in the air and the trees will start changing soon! Can't wait!