Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Happening's Happenings...

Stupid blog post title, I know. Oh, well...what are you going to do? I just feel like it is has been so long since I have posted, and there is so much to catch up on. Why does it feel like so long? Because I have been freaking traveling around so much. I have spent so much time away from my lil' man...far more than I would ever wish. My recent adventures? Vail, Colorado...I went ahead and put a few pictures on here to show that life after mom-hood can still be crazy and wild. Yep, I did ATVs and paintball....and yes, I have some battle wounds to prove it.

Ok...enough about me, lets get to the main act. Eli! He had his 6 month doctors appointment, including vaccinations. Also, inclusive of his new stats. Our lil' man is officially in the 85th percentile of height at 27 1/4 inches. Weight is 16lbs and 4.5oz, which is the 50%. So, he is growing to be quite the big boy....and that is evident in his new pictures!

Yep, we went ahead and got 6 month pictures. I am really glad that we did, because I feel like it is one of the best times to remember his as a 'baby'. We will also do 1 year pictures, but at the rate he is morphing, he will look like a teenager. Also, we used this as an opportunity to get some 'family photos'. As you can imagine it isn't that easy to snap a lot of self portraits of the fam, while looking somewhat decent. Eli did GREAT during the photo shoot. He was fussy only a few times, but no melt downs. Additionally, he was not bashful, either...and flashed a couple of really cute grins at the camera. Here are a couple of shots that the photographer deemed 'favorites', and we will get the rest last this week.

As for progress? Well, Eli has officially started enjoying his food now. He seems to be getting down the whole process of opening his mouth and actually swallowing the food, rather than spitting it back up. Also? He has started walking in a forward manner in his little walker (see, before, he seemed to only manage to go in reverse). Eli is also pulling himself up on toys! He has a favorite toy that he always grabs the top and pulls himself up. He just loves to stand up, and has started doing it himself.

Actually, I will add one more thing. I had an epiiphany the other day coming from Eli's appointment. I looked at my happy healthy baby riding in his car seat (I know, still a miracle)....but, I took a moment to realize, "We did it!". Keith and I have been successful parents for the last 6 months and raised a happy and healthy little boy. I think more than being young or getting older, at that moment I was mostly proud and impressed of Keith and I. :)

Well, I feel like I am forgetting something. So, don't be surprised if I show up back up within the week for more to say. And, I will be certain to add some of the other pictures!

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Terra said...

SUPER cute pics, Leigh! He is precious!