Friday, September 24, 2010


Words can not explain the thoughts, pain, sympathy, empathy, and shock that my brain has been trying to comprehend over the last few days. I am so beside myself, and yet, I feel like I am just a distant person that has been observing all of this from afar. However, even at a distance, it has had a deep deep impact in my life and heart. And, even at a 'distance', it is closer than I would ever imagine or want to be for any of my friends and family.

Unfortunately, I have to say, that a very sweet and precious little boy, that is a son to a sorority sister of mine, has gone to be with our Father. He was only a year and a half, and was taken much too soon, in a tragic accident. However, his life and impact have touched many and will continue to do so.

It just reminds me to appreciate every moment we have with your little babies and families. Take an extra moment to kiss them goodnight or give them an extra tight hug. Don't ever take a moment for granted.

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KRiSTiN said...


What happened? To whom? I can.not.imagine the pain and misery they're in. My heartfelt prayers and immense sympathy to the family of the sweet little angel.

This makes my heart ACHE!!!

Gotta go hug my littel guys. Amen to appreciating what you have while you have it.