Wednesday, September 29, 2010


....this crazy travel schedule is almost over! Keith is still away in Connecticut for the rest of the week, and I just got back from three very very long days in New Orleans (I don't want to see another shrimp for a very long time). In our absence my mom, our nanny, and neighbors all had to pull together to take care of the G kiddos (Eli, dogs and cat). I was impressed and very thankful for their help.

Also, I went ahead and took off work on this coming Monday, just to celebrate being home for the next week. How to spend the day? Well, of course Eli and I are going to have some mommy-son time. But, I am also going to tour some day cares around our house. Yep, that's right...Keith and I are starting to entertain the idea of putting Eli in a daycare. I will keep you updated on the progress.

Here is a cute picture from Sunday, just before I left town. I love the way he puts his pacifier in his mouth like a cigar. :)

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