Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hear that....?

......ahhh...., a sigh of relief! Yes, Keith and I are home at last! Together again, and back with Eli. :) I would like to say that the week was all kinds of crazy and hectic, but the reality was that neither Keith or I were really here to experience it. So, it was most likely crazy for my mom, the nanny, and our neighbors (and crazy stressful anticipating and planning for the week). The crew was doing the Eli shuffle around town with transportation, day shift, night shift, and doggie shift.

Keith and I both had very good and productive business trips. Keith's trip up to Connecticut just reminded him of how much he really loves his new job and loves the Travelers organization. We both realize that his position was meant to be, and he couldn't be happier. My trip to New Orleans was good, but just reminded me of how much I hate New Orleans.

While our house is in need of some tender loving care (cough, cough..I mean cleaning), so was our little family. So, we put off the house work and went about our agenda for some fun. Friday night was spent grocery shopping and hanging out. Today was a fun adventure with the Joneses on a picnic and a great evening with the Mysers for dinner and some shopping. Tomorrow will be spent with Keith's dad for his bday and our church group. "Oh, whats that?...what am I doing Monday?" I am going to enjoy a day off! Yes, I took a much needed day off to enjoy spending time with Eli and putzing around town or the house..whatever. then, back to work on Tuesday, ho hum.

Here are some cute shots that Keith got from today.


KRiSTiN said...

Super cute pictures!

Terra said...

Cute pics! Sometimes it's just nice to be home! I put off housework all weekend too, and now I have a lot of catching up to do. But it was so worth it! Hope you are having a great day off!!