Thursday, August 12, 2010

6 months old!!

Today is the day, August 12th, which marks Eli's 6 month birthday. So, tomorrow he will officially be one day closer to the age of 1 than his birth. That is pretty crazy to comprehend. Granted, it is just the difference of one day, but still my baby is growing up, and will be one, soon. One of the other crazy realities, was the 1st birthday invitation that we got for my cousin's baby. She was one of the people that I was in the preggo possie with last year, and had her baby is first in the group. And, now we are a upon the first of the 1st birthdays. Soon, the rest of the crew will be making plans for all of the November bdays, January bdays...then Eli's! Is it wrong that I have already been thinking of themes and cake ideas? It will be quite the celebration, for sure.

So, where has Eli come in his 6 months of life, and where does he still have yet to go?

- His two bottom teeth are above the gum line and coming in strong. Finally, Keith was able to snag a picture! Oh! And another bottom tooth is on its way. It is a molar-ish. Not quite all the way in the back, but one of the ones that is close to it.
- He is sitting up by himself pretty well, with a few doozies only ever so often.
- He reaches for things all the time. He puts his arms out for us to pick him up, or reaches for Winston and Dottie kisses. He also takes his pacifier out of his mouth and puts it back in, all the time.
- He has also said the word 'mama', and the debate is still out on if we have heard 'dada' yet.
- As for crawling? Well, that isn't happening yet. But, he recently started showing an interest in it. He gets his little back legs going, so that it scoots his butt up in the air, but then forgets to move his arms forward. So, it is basically an 'inch worm motion', without the inching. At the point that his butt gets too high up in the air, and he becomes to heavy and topples over onto his back.

- He loves to smile and laugh when he and dad rough house. Keith has a way of discovering new games that get him giggling non stop.
- He LOVES the Sunday school song "Rise and Shine". He can be in the most miserable moods, stop crying, and start smiling when I sing that song.
- Eli also loves really soft toys and blankets. My mom actually made this discovery when he was only a little bitty baby. But, we rediscovered it a few months ago. This is especially helpful when we are trying to calm him down or get him to sleep.
- He also still LOVES his bath time, and enjoys splashing around in the water.
- Eli also still has his dad's quick temper. Yep, if he doesn't like is our job to make it better. And this typically means after about 10 or 15 minutes of doing one activity.

Still to go:
- We are starting solids!

Ok, not exactly 'these' solids. But, I have made him some baby food a few times, in addition to buying the store stuff. He isn't really crazy about the 'production' of eating. I don't think he likes the highchair and bib. However, when he takes the time to appreciate the taste in a non-dining environment, he likes it. (ie. when he is tasting the food from his face or fingers while prepping for a bath. Yes, Keith and I ended up feeding him some more food just before bath time, because he changed his mind).

- Other things that I know are in store in the next couple of months: sitting solo, crawling, waving, high fives, and more hands on playing with some of his toys. Also Eli will have his: 1st Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. We couldn't be more excited about all of the fun celebrations that we get to share with him and start family traditions. A lot of my friends are telling me that 6mths to a year is some of the most fun and best times, so Keith and I are excited! It is hard to imagine it getting better, but I can see where the adventures will come into play.

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