Saturday, August 7, 2010

Home Sweet Home

'There's no place like home...there's no place like home!' Yes, I am back from San Diego, finally. What a long week! This marked the longest stay away from home and my baby Eli. I have pulled a few 'one nighters', but this was 4 days and 3 nights, which feels a whole lot longer than you would imagine.

What did I miss while I was gone? Well, my son now appears to be a giant! I am pretty sure he doubled in size over the 4 days I was how fast they grow. Also, his second bottom tooth broke the surface! seriously, he has two little bottom baby teeth coming in! (Still no pictures...nearly impossible feet at this point).

Overall? It was a really good trip. It included a beer dinner in the San Diego Zoo, where I picked up Eli's first souvenir! It was a super soft and really cute Elephant with a SDZoo tag. It is actually Eli's Grey Elephant...or you could say Eli Grey's elephant (see...his middle name is Grey...get it?) Unfortunately, we didn't get to hang out in the zoo, like I wanted...pretty much in and out of the restaurant. But, I can't begin to tell you happy I was to see all of the happy families and kids roaming around with strollers and souvenir toys and water bottles. Dreams of our first trip to the zoo began to fill my head, and I couldn't have been more excited.

The rest of the trip entailed a ton of lengthy meetings and a fun day of sailing. Unfortunately, there was not a lot of down time to call home or 'talk' to Eli. But, fortunately, I didn't sit around missing everyone the entire time, either. But, I will say this. Never in my life have I found myself randomly smiling or giggling. Just the thought of Eli would send me into a tail spin of joy. Also, during a few of my calls home, Keith would get Eli laughing and giggling during our calls....and it made me so happy!

So, the trip finally came to an end. While I know some of you have traveled with your babies, I am glad that I have not been in this boat, yet. I just don't see this being a good situation for our family, right now. But, it was so much fun seeing all of the little boys (5 total on our plane)...but it also made me miss Eli that much more. What sucked? A lightening storm hit Dallas about 5 minutes before we were going to make our decent. So, we were in a holding pattern for an hour, while watching the lightening storm out the windows. Then, the captain got on the speaker and said we might have to land in Shreveport to refuel and then fly back to Dallas. Which would have turned our 8:35pm landing into a 12am or later landing. I felt like a lioness that was desperate to get to her baby. My patience and sanity were beginning to run out, and I would have done anything to get home to Eli, because the idea of waiting any longer to see him droze me crazy. Thank goodness, we were able to land just one hour late...while flying in on fumes....but in Dallas! Keith picked me up from the airport, and then we headed to my moms to pick up Eli. He was wide awake and very happy to see me. The minute he saw his mommy, he threw out his arms and opened his mouth for kisses! Made my heart melt! I had been imagining a big grin, but the kisses were far better than I could have asked for! He spent the rest of the night grabbing my face and giving me big ole' smackers.

Next up? 4 days and 3 nights in Vail, CO...the week after next. And, unfortunately I still have Vegas, Galveston, and Houston to go in the month of August, with a few day stay in San Antonio to kick off September. :( I miss Eli just thinking about it.
Here is one of the great pictures that Keith 'picture texted' me with while I was away this week. You can only imagine how happy it made me...and how much the rest of my group enjoyed seeing my little baby.
In honor of 'Shark Week'. Here is Eli post-bath time getting eaten by a shark.
Here is a close up of the attack

Also, here is a video that Keith posted from this week, while I was away. It is Eli laying in bed doing his 'zur-burt' thing. This is the same thing that Keith and I heard one day when we were trying to nap with Eli. Clearly he wasn't as tired as we were. On the one hand it was annoying, but undeniably cute and hilarious.

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