Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Sorry that this is an uneventful post, but our 20 week appointment is tomorrow! So, I suppose this is just the 'filler'. However, it is very sincere, because every night when I am laying in bed, I always think about the random stuff that occurs during pregnancy, and how I should write about it. I don't know if I can think about them all now, so this might turn into a growing thread. But, here are the ones that come to mind...

Super Human Pulse:
I can pretty much feel my pulse anywhere in my body at any moment. It is kind of freaky, actually. I feel my pulse in my neck, legs, and stomach. One of the most interesting moments is when I will be laying in bed with my hand on my pillow. Suddenly, I feel my pulse in my fingertips! I know I am going to sound crazy, but I feel like a super hero that is about to launch laser beams from my fingertips. Ha ha (just confirmed my crazy status in so many minds).

I get so freaking full, so fast! I swear that I feel like I have just eaten Thanksgiving dinner after every meal. I am in a food coma for several minutes-hours after every meal. Argh! Sure enough, the minute it wears off...I am already hungry again.

Pregnancy Glow:
Ok, so I am not literally glowing, nor has anyone said that I am glowing. But, I have to admit that last week I felt like I was beaming. I felt like the pregnancy finally started last week. The first 18 weeks were so slow and uneventful, now it is fun and going! The nursery is painted, I am doing 'registry' shopping, and just getting excited.

I am still not 'totally' showing. In fact a lot of people that I work with still don't have a clue I am pregnant. It is not obvious to anyone, but I know he is there. However, I am really looking forward to showing more, and feeling him kick more. Although, I can say that I did have one encounter of someone asking if I was pregnant! I happened to be wearing a maternity top that gave me a lil' extra bump. So, one of the workers at a store asked 'are you pregnant?' You would have thought she asked me if I would like to win $50,000! I nearly shouted (with a big grin), 'YES, yes I am!'. It was pretty neat.

Well...that is all of it for now. If I think of more random stuff, I will be sure to share. But, stay tuned for the 20 week appointment and nursery updates!

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