Monday, October 12, 2009

20 Week appointment

Well, the 20 week appointment finally came! We are over half way to Eli's birthday...can you believe it!?! God, I just remember how far away it seemed in the beginning. Heck, 12 weeks felt like an eternity. I also remember trying to imagine what it was going to be like to finally find out the sex of our baby. But, surprise, surprise...we found out early! I can't believe we got lucky and found out at 16 weeks. Heck, to be honest we really had a 90% certainty Eli was a boy at 12 weeks. We were certainly part of the lucky crowd that didn't have to wait. I think I would have been clawing paint off the walls in anticipation before the appointment (although, I love surprises...believe it or not).

So, everything is looking good..great, actually! We had our ultrasound first thing, followed by the follow-up 20 weeks appointment where we ask a bunch of questions. I have gained a total of 8lbs so far (take that for what you want). I still don't have a belly 'really'. Yes, you can easily see a pooch, and depending what I am will see more of it than other times. However, I suspect that I am still looking like I am about 14-15 or so weeks preggo? I'll post pics and you can be the judge.

The ultrasound went well, and Eli didn't have the hic-cups! He was active at times, but not uncooperative. There was a moment where I swear he looked like he was running in place. Also, the technician took close-ups of his hands and feet. Can I just tell you, our baby some how managed to obtain orangutan hands from somewhere deep inside Keith and I's family trees... ha ha...they are huge! Check out the picture.
I swear we aren't naming him after Eli Manning, but if his hand remain in this proportion to his body he could conceivably be a quarter back or perhaps something else that requires your hands to be the size of a poodle. :) Seriously though, everything on him looks good. He weighs 12oz, and was approximately the size of a coke can during the appointment. According to the research, he is about to hit a big growth
spurt in the next few weeks. I anticipate this growth spurt will also bring on a spontaneous belly and weight gain, on my end. Although, I am thinking that the Braum's double dip ice cream cones and chocolate cake might also help contribute to that arena, as well.

I do have to add. After the appointment Keith and I did go get our flu shots. It kind of became a mad dash to see who still had the vaccines available, but we finally found them at Tom Thumb. Now, we just twiddle our thumbs and wait for the Swine flu shot. We also made a quick stop by the store to get something in celebration for Eli's Pre-20 week birthday. Opting out of the clothes options, we went with this really cute pair of shoes...aren't they precious!

And speaking of shoes...the 'kicking front' is still seeing minimal action. I certainly will feel him ever so often (nearly everyday). However, Keith has still yet to feel the little guy in action. This all goes back to where everything is located inside my belly. Eli has a perma-buffer preventing me (and Keith) from getting the full force of his blows. But, as always, I promise to update you when things change.

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