Monday, October 26, 2009

Pregnant Ladybug

So, you like the new format? Every time I would check out Eli's blog I thought it looked a little girlie. So, I went with a small change. I also think the new background is cooler looking and a bit more 'Leigh'.

Well, Eli and I had quite an eventful weekend...exhausting really. Saturday was our 4th Annual Halloween party, and I went as a pregnant lady bug. Well, technically that wasn't what the package said, but the ladybug got pregnant. I didn't intend to wear a 'skimpy' outfit exactly, just something to show off my belly. See, I have a belly, but it still isn't huge, so I have to give myself any extra little 'umph' that I can (so that I don't just look fat). Here is a picture, below. We had a total of 5 pregnant attendants at the party. We were all costumed as: a ladybug, a Harlem Globe Trotter (complete with pregnant basketball belly), Juno, a pregnant nun, and a Snuggie. Well done ladies!

Also, Sunday was Eli's first Cowboys game (in the new stadium), and we won!!! Go Cowboys! So, Eli has officially (actually, unofficially) been to a Red Sox game and Cowboys game. Not to bad for a little guy, huh? Something else that happened at the Cowboys game? I managed to waddle out of 'Jerry World'. Yes, that is right....WADDLE! I don't know if it is necessary that I walk like that, or it just comes with the territory. (I think there are a few pregnancy rules. 1. You must grab or hold your belly when you are standing around. 2. You must waddle when you walk). I just can't imagine that my body needs to waddle to be in a forward motion, but whatever! I suppose I need to get used to it, because I still have 3 more months of it.

Yes, I know....only 3 more months!?! The craziest part is that it is going to FLY. We had our party, then onto Halloween, then my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and then Eli! That seems like a lot of stuff to happen between now and then. However, time seems to go in fast forward around the holidays for everyone. So, I imagine it will only get faster this year.

Last thing. I got started on Eli's nursery artwork! I am so excited and can't wait to start painting it. I will keep you updated on the progression of it. I worked on it this evening, and it is going according to plan. Yes, it has monkeys on it. :)

To come: Keith and I are traveling to San Francisco for my birthday (the big 2-9, yikes!). The trip will also be our 'baby moon'. So, I will be sure let you know how that goes, plus show you some pictures.

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KRiSTiN said...

Too cute! You're right. It IS necessary to hold your belly regardless of how pregnant you are. 9 days or 9 months. Something about it, lol. Maybe it's so people know you're pregnant and not just fat, lol. Although, you look like a toothpick with an olive on it, so I don't think you're in any danger of being mistaken for fat.

Can't wait to see more pictures. It's so fun to watch someone go through the first baby "stuff". Because as prepared as you think you are or aren't, when he's born, you can't possibly be prepared for the dimensions of you life that change. It's hard to describe, but you life suddenly has depth it never had before. It's like the difference between a crudely drawn stick figure picture and a beautiful 3 dimensional masterpiece. Amazing.

Anyway, the point is, I'm enjoying seeing the pre first baby view again through your eyes. :)

Love the blog.

Sorry I rambled. :)