Monday, September 28, 2009


I am sure a lot of you have been waiting for this. I mean 'babies first kick' is one of those huge moments you are supposed to remember and journal about. Well, I guess it is not nearly has glorious, in reality. Mostly because us 'first timers' don't realize for several weeks that we are actually being kicked. Sorry for the let down. But, I am hoping the first time that Keith feels him move with will one of those momentous occasion.

I will go ahead and put in the record books that Eli's first kick, was actually a 'first punch'. I mentioned the story in a previous post about the ultrasound. We had gone in for our 16 week follow-up ultrasound. In addition to his hic-cups, Eli was moving all around. All of a sudden he just straight arm punched me! It was the funniest thing...he looked like a puppet. I do remember feeling the 'slightest' little tap, and I realized it was him. So, with the sense of sight, I was able to hone in on my sense of touch. It was a hilarious moment that I really wish we had on camera...maybe next ultrasound we will video!

After that ultrasound I have noticed little bitty movements or taps. Sometimes it feels like rain drops, and sometimes it feels like gas (sorry if that is too much information). I have tried to get Keith to see if he can feel, but Eli is still being pretty exclusive to me. I suspect it will be another few weeks before Keith gets to join in the fun. (Too much information warning) The doctor said that the placenta is actually in the front of my abdomen. Therefore, Eli could be doing jumping jacks behind it, but the placenta is acting like a barrier. So, it may have taken longer to feel him, or his kicks/punches are not quite as pronounced. (A lot of mommy friends have told me there will be a day it is 'not so cute anymore' and down right painful. Hopefully the handy-dandy placenta will help shield some of the discomfort).

There have been a few cool moments, oh, and a 'bad mother moment' (which I can't believe I am being so candid) :). I'll start with the bad. I have been waking up at 4am and not sleeping well. So, yesterday while at IHOP I treated myself to an iced coffee (For the record, I drink caffeine about a few times a month in very limited amounts). Well, I asked the server for some water which she never brought before long I was downing my coffee as a 'thirst quencher'. Before I knew it I nearly drank the whole thing. Yikes! I felt awful all day, and started researching caffeine/pregnancy intake levels. The conclusion is that Eli will be fine, however he was seeming to move around A LOT more yesterday than usual. Poor kid is probably coming down from his caffeine high today.

So, for the cool moments. They usually come at night or in the morning when I lay on my back and pay real close attention to him to see what I can feel. One morning I swore he kicked so hard that my fingers moved (but that could be in my head). However, yesterday it was really neat. I was feeling around my belly when I discovered a hardness towards the top of the uterus. I thought to myself "man, my stomach is really getting hard"....suddenly, at that moment the hard-mass moved! It was Eli! I just thought that was so cool, because I had 'touched' him! It had to have been his little head or back that I touched. It was one of the first times that I realized he was REALLY inside, it was almost like getting to meet him.

From this experience, I have had an Epiphany (if you want to call it that). Keith ultimately describes my thought best with the phrase "big fish in a small pond vs. small fish in a big pond". Forgive me if I have a hard time explaining. Basically, I have given Eli a personality already. Just his little movement yesterday of 'Get off me!' made me realize that he is inside 'ruling the roost'. I have turned him into a little man with a big attitude, 'doing his thing' inside my belly. But, once he actually gets here and is in the real world...suddenly he becomes this helpless, innocent little newborn baby. You follow what I mean? :) I just thought that was neat though to make the comparison of perception vs. reality. Granted, it won't be long before he gets back to a sassy or funny attitude, but I was just entertained with comparisons.

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