Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We have lift off...!

Keith felt Eli kick this morning on October 13th, and I am 21 weeks preggo! In a small twist of irony, 10/13 was our original picked wedding date. So, the day always manages to stand out in my mind, a bit. But, was it really significant before today? No, not really.

This morning like all other mornings and nights, I laid in bed for a bit and concentrated really hard on my stomach. I feel around to see if I can feel him in my belly, and see if he is moving at all. Well, I must have woke him up, because he started giving me little kicks (probably punches). I scooted closer to Keith and put his hand on my stomach. I suppose after about 2-5 or so minutes we started to notice some faint feelings. I asked Keith if he felt it, to which he identified the source of the activity, and I confirmed! It was pretty cool that Keith was able to feel him inside my belly. Eli gave us a few other jabs, and then rolled over to go back to sleep (like I would have loved to have done this morning!).

I do have one thing to add, regarding 'what the kicks feel like'. I know everyone that has experienced pregnancy has a different definition or description. At first they felt like little rain drops hitting the inside of my stomach. Now, they feel a lot like gas bubbles, nearly to a 'T'. But, I can also describe the feeling as a 'muscle spasm'. You know, when your eye twitches....or your calf muscle will spontaneously decide to do its own thing? Eli's kicks remind me of a muscle inside my stomach that had just decided to start twitching. I know that is vague, but next time you have a muscle spasm or gas bubble, just imagine it located in your abdomen, and you will get a close idea of what it feels like to have something the size of a coke can kicking inside of you.

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LoL, now you need to write one called I think im starting to waddle! and Bam my Belly is here!