Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm Pregnant!

No duh...huh? Well, I just had to share, because I am starting the 'full swing' of pregnancy. I know, I know....I have a far way to go. I just thought that I would report 'from the trenches' that this is, by far, the most pregnant I have felt so far. Heck, I would go as far as to say that I feel like I have finally joined the elite club.

Why do you ask? Well, for several reasons:

A) My belly is starting to arrive! After 21 weeks of waiting, it finally started to arrive last week. I am 22 weeks now, and I don't exactly look like that. However, there is certainly a belly, and it is very identifiable in tight t-shirts or tanks (you guys know how much I love the skimpy outfits j/k).

B) Eli is kicking and moving a lot more frequently. I feel him everyday, and often, multiple times. It happens often enough that I have taken on the '...there's Eli' attitude. It is the neatest feeling, because it is like have a big secret. When I am in a work meeting and he is kicking up a storm, I think to myself 'no one else in the room has any clue that I have a baby that is break dancing in my belly right now'. You can imagine how much more fun it has made boring work functions.

C) I had an 'alien moment'. Ok, I haven't seen the "elbow glide across my belly", yet. But, I actually saw Eli move inside my stomach last night, and that was a crazy feeling!! I was checking his heart rate yesterday for fun, when he took the "get up off me" attitude, and started kicking it away. Soon, I was seeing the monitor bouncing up and down, so I put it down. Then, after intently staring at my stomach (yes, it can make you go cross eyed)...I saw the little guy kick up my belly with a foot or one of his monster claws. :) I have to admit it reminded me of the ending scene in Space Balls....anyone know what I am talking about?

D) Keith felt Eli kick! It happened last week, and a few times since then. Keith anxiously grabs my growing belly, in hopes of catching a feel.

E) I have a complicated stomach (what in the world does that mean?). Well, it's complicated! ha ha...ok, clarification. Whenever I eat an average size meal (that any normal person could consume), I feel like I have just ate Thanksgiving dinner. Seriously, it sucks! I have to have 'child like portion control', which is nearly impossible. Clearly I am not very good at it, because I am stuffed all day long. So, Eli has started to rent out 'food space' in my belly. Also, I think I have experienced my first spell of heartburn...or is it indigestion? I don't know for sure, but it was uncomfortable.

F) I have to go to the bathroom all the time! It is bizarre, because I don't remember consuming that much water or beverages....but somehow it remembers me. I don't usually have to use the restroom at all during the night, and now find myself taking frequent trips to the potty.

Well, I will finish the post out now, and leave you with some updated belly shots. Also, I will give you the teaser that I have picked out my Halloween costume! I didn't pick out anything that was 'preggo specific', because I don't have the belly for it. But, I believe my costume will do a fair job of showing off my figure.

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KRiSTiN said...

That's so exciting!! Enjoy it! I can remember right before I went into labor with my second (who will be a year old in the next 2 weeks) I was lying in the bath tub and he would kick so hard, that the water would splash around my stomach. Not ripple. SPLASH. It was hilarious.