Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Ok, I get comes in waves, but I feel like I just got hit by a tsunami. Our kids grow up WAY WAY too fast! You may have remembered me chatting a few posts back about all of my friends having babies...(heck, who's friends aren't, right!?!). Anyway, starting in November a bunch of babies have been born, and are going to continue to come through July 2011.

With all of these new little babies entering into the world it is also natural for me to start going back and looking through Eli's hospital and newborn photos. It is mind boggeling to really do the math on it all. 'Yes' 10 months is a long time in 'baby time', however...when you realize that just 10 months ago Eli was only 3 days old and brand new to the world is crazy! Even crazier? This time last year, literally...I was pregnant and sporting a nice lil' baby bump, while Eli still had two more months of cooking.

Sorry, I know that I am not even making since right now, but I just feel like it all needs to be said. I can vividly remember our experiences in the delivery room, the hospital, our trip home, the first few weeks, first few months, ect..ect. It is hard not to feel a little sad about it all, but so so happy, on the other hand. I can't wait until Eli can start walking, talking, telling me stories. I want him to have fun at school and enjoy family vacations. Everything!

Crazier thought!? There will eventually be another Eli. Okay, so I am not saying that I want to name both of my children Eli, but...'hey, if I can't come up with anything'. Although, I like to think that I would consider myself original enough to not need to name my children the same thing. Guess we will cross that bridge... But, anyway. There will (hopefully) be another child in the future, and it is crazy to think that we get to do it all over again. And, then again...we do it all over again! To start back at square one is so exciting and scary at the same time. More crazy to think about doing it all over again, with an older Eli! Cra-zay! I know, only time will tell. And I don't doubt that God gives us more than we can handle.

Sorry for my rant...just needed to be said. So, I will leave you with some of Eli's newborn pictures...and recent pictures!

Here is Eli minutes after he was born!
Here is my sweet little angel sleeping in his hospital bassinet.
Eli heading home from the hospital
And, here we are NOW. This is Eli giving us one of his 'Blue Steel' poses for the camera.
Strikin' another pose
And our VERY HAPPY little boy and his spaghetti

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Baby Morrison said...

Extend that to August girl! Matt and Laura Todd are now expecting!