Sunday, December 5, 2010

Got them Gable teeth..

Well, not a lot to report from the G house this week, sorry. Except that Keith is full blown sick, so Eli and I have been trying to fly solo, to avoid getting sick too. Not to mention, give Keith a chance to recover and get better.

Eli is still all laughs and smiles, and his top two chompers are really coming in. And, 'yes'..we think they are going to be big..haha, :) Got mama's teeth. It is so much fun to imagine what he is going to look like with a mouth full of pearly whites. Eli is also started to wave...yay! It is very 'flalely', and sporadic, but I know what he is doing. He is also a major chatter box. He stands around growling, 'aaahhing', and practicing is constants all the time. He has got a couple of his letters knocked out, but not quite discovered the 'd' yet....sorry Keith! But, he is rocking and rolling on saying 'mama'. :)

Here are some of the pictures we snapped from Thanksgiving.

Is it just me...or is Eli looking GQ in this picture?
Keith, Grandad, and Uncle Matt
Yes, those are goats! Eli basically got to visit a petting zoo on Thanksgiving. Those goats were so awesome and friendly...and crazy!
Yes, that is Keith holding my sweet, precious, fragile baby by his feet, dangling in the air....and Eli LOVES it! He is such an adrenaline junky, and the more physical the play, the better.

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