Sunday, December 12, 2010

10 months and counting

Well, Eli is 10 months old, today! Yes, that means that he will be the big '1' in just two more months. At that point, Eli will officially not be considered a 'baby', anymore? Thoughts? Does he become a toddler? It is just crazy for Keith and I to witness our incredible growing son day in and day out.

In the mean time, we are quickly approaching Eli's first Christmas. We can't wait to start some family traditions and watch Eli play with his toys and open presents. Man, I really hope that Keith and I get good at Christmas, because we aren't off to the best start. As in, we bought Eli's 'big' gift from Santa...and totally caved. Not only did he get to see it and 'test it out', but it is totally in the floor now on display with all of his other toys. Ummm, yeah...we couldn't wait until Christmas morning. There are a few other things that are waiting for him, and hopefully they can wait until Christmas.

So, here are some videos of Eli cutting up with Keith. He seriously laughs, giggles, and smiles 24/7 now. It is so much fun!

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