Monday, December 27, 2010

Eli's 1st Christmas!

Well, Eli has experienced his first Christmas and it went wonderful! We woke up at 5:30...yes, ugh, way earlier than normal (I guess we have to get used to this for many more Christmases to come). Keith, Eli, and I all had a small family Christmas celebration first thing in the morning with a nice breakfast and presents. We opened gifts and played with toys, and then put Eli down for a nap. Eli got a nice wooden block toy (that he has already been playing with...way to go mom and dad!). He also got some other toys, clothes, and cars. Everything seemed to be quite the hit!

After our little celebration, the Granddads and Uncle Matt came over for more celebrating...and more breakfast! Yes, this time, I made an even BIGGER breakfast for all of the men. After that...more presents. Eli got a really cute Home Depot smock from my dad, which Keith can't wait to put him in. And from Keith's dad he got a totally awesome Radio Flyer wagon.

So, after that celebration...and yes, another nap, we set off to my moms, where we ate another breakfast! Gotcha...ok, finally the breakfasts came to a halt and we moved onto lunch (which was delish). We hung out with my mom and brother who got Eli some really cool stuff, and my mom even made Eli's stocking! She made my brothers and mine when we were little and we still have them/use them today. My mom also got Eli this precious chair with his name embroidered on it!?! Isn't it amazing? Believe it or not...Eli LOVES it. He will totally just sit in the chair and hang out. But, his favorite thing to do, is to treat it like a jungle gym and climb all over it.
After my mom's house we headed home, where Eli's first Christmas had come to an end. Eli logged two breakfasts, one lunch, three naps, three celebrations, lots of presents, and unconditional love from everyone one in the family that he encountered!


KRiSTiN said...

Sounds fun! Breakfast is awesome! Lol. Cute chair!! Love the pictures!!

The Jemison Family said...

Love the new background!