Sunday, October 24, 2010

Drive down memory highway

Well, I had the pleasure of driving to and from Austin on Wednesday. Needless to say it was a long day. But, the fun part, was that it was the first time I had made the trip since the 'Eli-mommy' vacation that we had back in April (when Eli was just 2 1/2 months old) when Keith was working down south. He was traveling so much, I wanted Eli and I to spend more time with him and have a little River Walk fun.

So, as my coworker and I were voyaging down to the state capital I would occasionally glance off the side of the road and remember all of the stops that Eli and I had to make on our trip. I was still breastfeeding at the time, and stopping every 2-3 hours along the way. And, that was 2-3 hours from the start of the feeding. On top of that...that was the same time that Eli officially made it known that he HATED the car seat. The trip down to San Antonio was supposed to take 5 1/2 hours, but took our dynamic duo 8+ hours! I still can't believe that I attempted such a feet. To drive, solo, such a distance, with a young baby that hated the car seat. It was fun to look back on the trip in hindsight I am not saying that it can't be done, but we weren't the 'model road trip'.

The things that I remembered most from our little trip was Eli crying about 50% of the time, our little stops every hour and half or two, hitting HORRIBLE traffic with a crying baby in the back in Waco and San Antonio, singing 'The things on the highway go...." (sung to the tune of 'The Wheels on the Bus'), and trying to be more quiet than I would have ever imagined. I remember at one point, Eli was asleep and I was afraid to turn on my windshield wipers when I had bug splatter all over my car. I dared not make him unhappy.

So? Would I do it Of course, just for the experience. Practically? No. ha ha. Knowing Eli like I do now, I should have known that his will is stronger than any other person I have ever met. And, there are no alternatives to him not getting his way. :)

What is he up to now? Laughing and having the most fun all the time! Seriously, Eli is all giggles and laughs, all the time. It is so much fun to discover a new noise, face, funny sound, game, or tickle spot that will set him off. I have had several friends say that every 'new age' is their favorite, as their babies have got older. And, I have to agree. Eli is growing into a little boy with a personality bigger than Keith and I combined. So, everyday is a blast!

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